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Instagram Photo Favorites: 18th Edition

Posted by Jakub

six37 – I was thinking this might be the last graphic focused instagram post we’ll feature, maybe not though, I really do like seeing how far six37 takes it.

sofiasternegard – There are some lovely workspace shots by sofiasternegard, nice arrangements of whats in front of her, I definitely do enjoy that as a concept for a feed.

mikeluang – With the sky as the focus, its hard to go wrong most days.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 17th Edition

Posted by Jakub

drsmoothdeath – Such a good feed, it all looks like this, just older parked cars, give it a chance, you won’t be bummed out.

mollielw – consistent silver-ish haze thru the whole feed, makes you feel like you woke up from a daytime nap out in the country.

crivacriva – minimal architecture and solid color schemes are pretty common on Instagram but this feed keeps me interested still, maybe because its not too simplified.

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Weekend Inspiration: Reuben Wu

I just recently found out that Reuben Wu, aside from being a British DJ, producer and keyboardist for Ladytron, was also an avid photographer. Apparently the story goes that he started getting a bit more serious about photography when he decided to document his personal tour experiences and making the most out of being a musician on the road, while visiting some remarkable locations. Since then, he’s has amassed an impressive collection of cameras, which he has modified, spliced and pushed to their limits, all in the name of experimentation and discovery. This has resulted in a diverse and unusual and almost other-worldy like body of work, from urban architecture, to desert and remote landscapes.
Be sure to check out more of Reuben’s amazing on his Flickr.

Big thanks to Wendy Stenzel at NEST Artists for supplying the photos and info regarding Reueben Wu.

Posted by B3PO (Jonathan Marsh)

Favorite Eclipse Photos From Twitter

Posted by Jakub



VisualUniverse on Flickr

jimnista on Flickr

mijonju on Flickr

via @rsarver

Anyone get a good shot of the eclipse yesterday? feel free to link them in the comment section.

In all honesty I just loved the grey hue everything became once it was happening, it was like putting on some sort of weak shade of sunglasses, it was impossible to catch on a iPhone camera thats for sure.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 15th Edition

Posted by Jakub

nicdesjardins – Nick is becoming a Trashhand jr. in a way, less on the dark feel and lighter use of contrast but the both love their urban alleys and natures small waterways.

andy gilmore – It might not be the flashiest instagram but if you want a peek into how Andy Gilmore starts his work or what are his visual influences then this is a perfect feed to follow.

chucknewham – Some people aren’t into the idea of graphic designers putting their overly worked photos on instagram, there are some parts that I don’t like about it too but chucknewham sometimes really nails it especially this simple edit.