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Wim Crouwell Archive

Posted by Scott

Fire up your Epsons, the Dutch site Memory of the Netherlands has an extensive high-res archive of Wim Crouwell’s work up for your downloading pleasure. All the recognizable classics are in there along with a lot of stuff I’d never seen before. I didn’t know it was possible but I now have even more respect for one of the true masters of graphic design.

That top one is incredible, I’m going to Genuine Fractal that immediately tomorrow and try to get a solid print out of it. On a side note, my friend tried to translate and said it spells out “olanda” so we’re thinking it says “Holland”. Can anyone confirm this?

Memory of the Netherlands Archive via Wanken and Flyer Goodness

Why I’m Addicted to Electronic Music Pt. 4

Posted by Jakub


This one might be a stretch for some people if you aren’t a techno fan but let me say this, its how you listen to it really. Some people only hear repetition but when I talk to them usually they only list off musicians that rely on repetition as what they like so I get a bit confused and obviously bored of our conversation and walk away. When I listen to these songs I have to sometimes get myself ready for the faster tempo material, once i’m comfortable the songs almost slows down and my head just has a great time listening to all the parts of the song that are working with each other. With that mind set you end up enjoying repetition more because you find that beauty in whats looping and the slight additions/changes. This usually never involves your full attention, it’s not like listening to the radio in the car where you’re searching for a song to lip sync to or something that you already know.

To be honest listening to the mix in full is a lot better, I only grabbed a few tracks that I thought were the highlights and all of them just cut out at the end.

Having spent my teen years in Michigan I was fortunate to have access to the best techno by a long shot which is Detroit Techno. When it comes to dance music it all comes down to this mix for me, it was the seed that was planted in my head that made me obsessed with melodic 4/4 material that ranged from deep tribal to that speedy Jeff Mills sound which is what I DJed when I was in high school. I remember buying this CD in Poland at a small music shop, I must have been 15 just visiting my Polish family. I remember the clerk playing the CD in the shop and I had to have it, I remember spending all the money I had for the trip on it. I still have the CD actually, I got it signed by Kevin and also had him sign a Technics shirt[mega nerd]. I’m just trying to be honest here and share some sort of story that ties in my obsession.

Other parts: Dntel, Caribou, Prefuse 73

Stretta x Arc4: Holocene

Posted by Scott

You may remember the lust-worthy Arc Encoder that I recently posted on. Well apparently there’s an Arc4 (four encoders) and Stretta has created a beautiful video of an Arc4 performance. I was already loving the Arc after seeing the stills, but seeing it in motion takes it to another level. I love the movement of the LEDs, very reminiscent of reel-to-reel tape. Makes you feel all warm and analog-ey inside.

Stretta – Holocene via Create Digital Music

Vimeo iOS App

Posted by Scott

Just installed the new Vimeo app for iPhone (iPad and Android versions are apparently in development). Very impressive stuff, I have a feeling this will have me doing more video work on my iPhone. Of course, that wouldn’t be hard considering I never use the video functionality. It’s strange, when I bought the phone I justified it to some degree by telling myself “you’ll have an HD video camera in you pocket”. I then proceeded to never use it.

How much do you use your phone for video? Ever done any creative projects with it?

Vimeo App via Engadget

Austra+Falke+Slow Hands+Craft Spells

Posted by Jakub

After hearing this song by Austra more then 15 times day I feel like i’ve officially fallen in love with this song, I can’t believe we have to wait until May for the album, nice signing Domino.

I first heard this song when Machinedrum sent it to me on aim years ago but it was a radio rip so it was never worthy of a post, finally I found a solid recording of this Daft Punk-ish track by Fred Falke, its one of those New Years night dancefloor must haves.

I think Slow Hands debuted on ISO50, if I remember correctly this mix he did for us was a huge hit and his covers of Aphex Twin and M83 as Addled were definitely loved. Well I have exciting news he recently just released on K7 Records on the famous DJ-Kicks compilation series with this original track, so congrats Ryan!

This won’t be the last Craft Spells song i’m posting I promise you that, I want more of this for the summer, hear’s a taste though.

The Five Vignelli-isms

On the evening of Tuesday, March 8, The Architectural League gave its President’s Medal to Lella and Massimo Vignelli. The award (past recipients of which include John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Hugh Ferriss, Joseph Urban, Richard Meier, Robert A.M. Stern, and Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown) was given to the Vignellis “in recognition of a body of work so influential in its breadth that it has shaped the very way we see the world.”

Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, an Architectural League vice president who began his career over 30 years ago as a junior designer at Vignelli Associates, designed the the program we see here. The five different covers featured a quote from Vignelli printed in PMS Super Warm Red and set in Helvetica of course.

So why are these five Vignelli-isms important?

When I first came across this I immediately saw five lessons to live by rather than just five miscellaneous quotes. They appear self explanatory but read each and give it a moment alone in your mind:

One life is too short for doing everything.

We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant,
and above all timeless.

If you can design one thing, you can design everything.

If you do it right, it will last forever.

The life of a designer is a life of fight against the ugliness.

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Kiln + Jeans Wilder + Courtship + Pigon

Posted by Jakub

Just saw a Lincoln car commercial use a Kiln song soo well, it made me go back thru their huge catalog, soo glad I did since I love the song Templefrog. Can you imagine sitting down and composing this song? the guitars kind of sit in the back I love it.

Benoit Pioulard sent me this song by Jeans WIlder, reminds me of Pictureplane a bit, its almost too slow, it has that stutter on the release that makes me squint a little but the synth melody makes up for it.

Do you want to hear my favorite Top 40 cover? Courtship kills it here, FREE DOWNLOAD.

The cover art above is for this Pigon track on Dial, deep dub I can’t get away from it, I can’t believe I get soo excited about a closed hi-hat coming in, oh and the subtle breakdowns aren’t full of shitty sirens and coke infused trance piss streams just a perfect glide back into the song.