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GilScott JamieXX+Blacc+LayBac+Heathered

Posted by Jakub

I’ve been blowing off this Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX release for too long, had to check it after hearing it at the Salem show the other night, what a creepy punch to it, reminds of Fester’s Quest for the NES for some reason.

Tensnake does no wrong, his remixes last year were so solid and deep but still can attract a dancefloor for the most sophisticated heads to any average listener that wants to just enjoy something new that isn’t in your face.

I like the loose sound of Lay Bac, very breezy and raw, sometimes people make interludes that should be 40+ minutes songs, i’m sure we could all list off a handful of tracks like that.

I guess i’ve been focusing on more of my own music lately, i’m falling into this one spot that makes me want to keep things from much change, just small hints in the adjustments, i’d probably describe it as Lo-Fi Meditation, i’m giving the EP away here as a free download.

Convert 8mm with the Canon 5D Mark II

Super 8 and 8mm have always been my favorites when shooting video. Although transferring the film to digital has posed problems mainly because of its expense and decline in locations to transfer. The video above by James Miller shows his method for transferring 8mm footage to digital using the beloved 5D Mark II and an Eumig Mark 501 (or the Eumig 610D & the Eumig Mark DL). The end result looks great, is much much faster and way less expensive. Now I just need to get a 1D Mark IV or 5D Mark II.

Hit the jump for more information on the process and the transfer results.

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Leo123+Shlohmo+Ponytail+DJ Sprinkles

Posted by Jakub

I know Leo123 from Eliot Lipp and Mux Mool, if I remember correctly they all toured together around the United States for almost a year in a white Scion. I’ve only seen him perform as Dark Party with Eliot, what really grabbed me was how much of the synth parts were actually being played on stage during the live shows. First listen thru I notice Leo has a strong understanding of electronic music from his home town of Chicago and a noticeable passion for Detroit’s godfathers of Electro and Techno. Its hard to make striped down analog gear sound this good without the knowledge and after hearing this track I feel confident saying that Leo probably has a sick collection of records in his room.

I am completely in love with Ponytail live, the youth and untampered ideas behind the project make it probably the most punk project i’ve heard live because they don’t hide behind the punk image, if I had a hyper nephew or niece that was 12 i’d buy them this record and I could see it bringing them the biggest joys.

Shlohmo is on the right path, what a cared for piece, drop the wobble and show off your actual skills, i’m impressed, now if we could just get an album of this.

If you listen to Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles and have the patience you’ll be heavily rewarded after one of his songs finishes.


Posted by Jakub

One of my favorite songs from the recent Gold Panda album is Marriage and it got reworked by some proficient young artists. The top of that list is Baths, he actually told me he loved the Star Slinger remix more than his own but I think both are insanely amazing especially the tone that the Baths one sets after a few listens.

This Monster Rally track is like if Madlib was a huge softie, the loop couldn’t be anymore catchier but the beat sits so gently in the mix, kind of perfect actually.

If you liked last weeks Dub Techno post, well then here’s a continuation, precision from Quantec, dialed in like a fine swiss watch made of the softest metals working away in humid atmosphere.

I DJed this week and totally forgot to drop this bomb from The Revenge guys, after listening to it right now I totally regret not playing it.