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Baths+J. Wakeman+The Soft Moon+McBride

Posted by Jakub

Maybe not your usual “Pop Song” but we all wish it was something that could push aside the Enimem collabo’s and Will Smith’s daughter new song on the radio these days.

Jesse Wakeman might sound like Mayer Hawthorne 45 that travelled back in time and was put in a muggy shed to sit in for 50+ years but that doesn’t discredit the sound he is honing on and nailing properly.

Everything that i’ve heard from The Soft Moon has been what drives me back to a full bar of energy this summer especially if i’m noticeably becoming sluggish, its my more natural 5 hour energy drink.

Many know Brian McBride because of his Stars Of The Lid project, I personally have been enjoying this song not only for the fun name but how he makes you feel like your being delivered to the ocean by virgin clouds and gently being placed in bath water like temperature near Iceland.


Posted by Scott

Saw the Dodocase today on Engadget and instantly, for the first time, really wanted an ipad. A year ago I would have told you the idea of carrying around a giant Moleskine that disguises a giant iPhone was crazy, but here we are, and I want both. This seems like a pretty cool way to conceal the true geek within; kind of like putting a Triumph motorcycle shell over a Segway. Absolutely love the library card, been seeing that used a lot lately.

On a side note, how many of you are using an iPad? Do you use it solely for entertainment / productivity or are you finding any creative applications for it? I’m pretty sure I’ll be holding off on the iPad at least until the next generation rolls around and the music software matures a bit (really interested in the live applications of a touchscreen interface a’la the Jazzmutant Lemur).

Here’s a video detailing the build process, which is apparently done right here in San Francisco.

Dodocase | Images source

R. O’Donnell+Sun Airway+Com Truise+Games

Posted by Jakub

Awhile back I was lucky enough to open up for Roger O’Donnell(The Cure), it was just a DJ set and after we sat at the merch booth together. Roger had some great stories but what was even better was the mood and tone he set with his live set. He would play this white Moog that I think had blue lights coming from it and just calmed the crowd with his melodies, a definite huge influence for a lot of the indie synth music coming out these days.

People Can Do The Most Amazing Things is in my top 5 singles for 2010 no doubt, this remix by Sun Airway is distorted lo-fi clubby take, kind of a nice change of pace, parts of it remind me of Star Guitar.

Com Truise is working away at his LP and upcoming EP, here’s a taste of some work in progress, I see big things for this guy, an onslaught of melody and great basslines is a formula that can’t go wrong.

I’m addicted to Games, do you hear the melody flirting with Tears For Fears Head Over Heels a little? or is it something else? either way its on repeat, I guess I start hearing things after I listen to it 40+ times.

Casino Versus Japan x ISO50

Posted by Scott

I’ll be doing visuals for Casino Versus Japan when he plays with Deerhunter and Real Estate this Saturday here in San Francisco. We’ve done this once before, at LPR in NYC. Should be a great night, see you out there.
10.30 – Deerhunter, Casino Versus Japan (w/ ISO50), Real Estate
@ Slim’s

And to answer Healthcare’s question in the comments, for the visuals I’m running the following:
– Macbook Pro
VDMX (modular live video software environment)
– OS X network MIDI protocol for tempo sync with Ableton Live
Akai MPD18 (might start using Novation Launchpad though, if I can get it to work with VDMX)

Here’s an pretty outdated discussion of the visuals setup. A lot has changed, but the core app (VDMX) is pretty much the same.

Photo by Joshua Schnable

Leica Love Part 2

A few weeks ago I had symptoms of what I’m calling Leica love—it seems like a feverish desire more than anything. Stumbling upon these photos of a special edition M8 only intensified it. Check out how clear and sexy these product shots are.

While the camera is amazing, you’re dropping $8,500 on it and I would think that the packaging should be extend further rather than just the typical cardbox box with inserts. Perhaps a red velvet/suede lining in a completely metal case or something along those lines would be the way to go.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Also Leica, don’t hesitate to call if you need help designing the new packaging.

Images via Hypebeast

Daft Punk x Tron

Posted by Scott

Daft Punk has a new song and, with their involvement in the Tron movie, have formed a pop-culture singularity, collapsing the space around themselves into a massive self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s all very fitting, incredible imagery and sound. They showed their scoring skills in Electroma, and this new song (which was scored for the film) along with the theme (second video) seem to take it to the next level.

Be sure to watch in HD: Derezzed | Tron Theme