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Brock Davis MSCED

Posted by Alex

Brock Davis has a very fun Make Something Cool Everyday collection up on his site. The stylistic variety of the work, in addition to the ever present and nuanced humor, makes for a very interesting collection. Very impressive.

A lot of designers undertake such a project, and I’m always fascinated to observe how their creativity evolves over the course of the project. I’m especially intrigued by the work in the beginning (that probably was the catalyst for the endeavor ), and the work at the end (when they’ve theoretically dialed in their process).

Benoit Pioulard+No Age+Kiyo+Ellen Allien

Posted by Jakub

I should just post this whole new Benoit Pioulard record because its just that good. In the song Tower Benoit serenades but most importantly sets the atmosphere in the intro with plenty of details of him shuffling around and then the addicting guitar playing steps in, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, buy it here.

I found another track from the new No Age record that the blog couldn’t be without, its dizzying and noisy with simple additions, hard to not fall in love with it.

I remember when I first heard my first few albums from Schematic records, I couldn’t wrap my head around how long it would have taken to write a song like this one by Kiyo. I imagined many nights slaving over obsession on sequencing and glitching out every minuet speck of sound, I thought my mind would give up if I had to produce this, i’m glad someone stepped up and did it.

I needed to end this post on the upswing, the production on this Ellen Allien track is pretty breathtaking, so bubbly and inviting, each new part that floats in is like a smoke ring fully intact passing by your eyes, beautiful techno will have its day again soon.

Encounters at the End of the World

Posted by Scott

I’ve been wanting to see Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World for some time and finally got a chance to see it tonight. After seeing Fitzcarraldo and The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans (which is so incredibly bad that it’s certainly some sort of elaborate joke he’s playing) in rapid succession, I was excited to check out his take on the Documentary format. Based on the trailer I was somewhat looking forward to the imagery in Encounters — I was expecting the majority of the film to be shot underwater like Wild Blue Yonder but was pleasantly surprised to find it was more about what was going on up top. The people, landscapes, buildings, and machines around McMurdo Station make for some beautiful shots. As Herzog narrates in the film “..on this planet, McMurdo comes closest to what a future space settlement would look like.” We even get treated to some vintage celluloid from a 1970’s-era expedition. Definitely a must-see.

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BodyLanguage+Mujuice+P. American+Burial

Posted by Jakub

Soon to be Soul-dance pop superstars Body Language has innocence, enjoyable stage presence, and danceability nailed down for a crowd any young crowd, download this free EP they’re offering.

Mujuice is a Russian producer i’m pretty sure, i’m guessing he’s kind of young too. He always hooks me in with catchy repetition, reminds me alot of Farben’s Starbox.

Fans of the label Kranky don’t need an introduction to Pan American, I personally prefer listening to most of their earlier material because of how calm it got me.

In my opinion the most dynamic and emotional Burial track, this song has helped me through long drives on this SVIIB tour.

DSLR + iOS Wireless Photos

Posted by Scott

Here’s some serious power on the cheap for your next photography outing. Gizmodo details how to sync your DSLR and iOS device up for wireless shooting and image transfer. I’ve been wanting a system like this but assumed it was insanely expensive, this method will run you about $75 (assuming you already own an iOS device). My only potential issue with it would be transfer speed; notice how there is never a continuous shot of the photo being taken and the image arriving at the iPhone. The remote shutter functionality is enough for me though.

Source Gizmodo

Colors of the Top 100 Web Brands

Posted by Alex

While the initial reasoning for the colors chosen may be trivial, the impact that these dominant players now have in the web world will surely influence the smaller startups that want to share in the positive color associations created by their bigger siblings

The fantastic Colourlovers put together this chart diagraming The Colors of the Top 100 Web Brands. A fascinating chart — the results of which you could probably guess — but it’s cool to see them all laid out and analyzed. Click here for the full size image.

via Josh Spear