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Jotly: Share Everything with Everyone

Posted by Alex

UPDATE: It was fake, but now it’s real. And it’s going to win everything. Download it now.

Ever since I started working in startup land, I’ve felt the need to ingratiate myself in the ever-buzzing world of *tech*. This means staying up on other companies, the blogs, and the general Silicon Valley scene. This can be very repetitive. People get funded, apps get released, and companies buy things. Sometimes a conference happens. Having spent the better part of the last few years neck-deep in this hullabaloo, I figured it was time to parody it.

As I’ve written before, I currently am working on Nosh. Download it now please, it will give you some context. One of my periodic jobs is to drum up support for our beloved application. Of course we do this the normal way (press releases etc), but when I have a free weekend, I like to try and make something crazy and unusual to help things along. I call it the Skunkworks project (achieve victory by any means possible). We had great success with the 404 page, and the Jotly project was my next move. Continue reading for the full process behind the project.

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SmallBlack + OPN + Actress + H. Pearls

Posted by Jakub

Sorry for distance recently, the Tycho tour couldn’t have been better and meeting some of you in person really kept our spirits up, now back to what means most to all of us, good music.

One band that I want to make it out of this Chillwave sinking ship is Small Black, I love the delivery of the vocals and they always have unique synth hooks and shimmers, FULL SUPPORT from me.

This new Oneohtrix Point Never record is slowly unraveling into from what i’ve heard a fusion of genre defying work, Nassau becomes more perfect with every listen, definitely the front runner for quality new music.

I’m a sucker for this kind of beat Actress put together, its almost never inappropriate to just interrupt anything in life and throw this on.

I did a sort of rework while I was tour managing Tycho of this Nacho Patrol song that I couldn’t get out of my head, the hypnotic/tribal elements in the original were poking me to be run thru some strange warmth, download it here for FREE.

Lytro Light Field Camera

Posted by Jon

Lytro released its revolutionary Light Field Camera last week. Apart from its unique design, the camera uses a different type of sensor to capture light fields, allowing photographers to focus images after shooting them. It also allows users to capture three-dimensional shots with a single lens. Check out their picture gallery for a chance to see light fields in action.

I can see this technology being particularly useful in point-and-shoots and Blade Runner-esque “enhance” sequences, but I’m really interested in its creative applications. On one hand it takes away from the artistic choices available to photographers, but on the other hand it opens up a whole new set of possibilities. Either way it will be interesting to see what people come up with.

Lytro via All Things D

Mux Mool + Burial + Peaking Lights + Onra

Posted by Jakub

A new Mux Mool track has already surfaced for his upcoming album Planet High School thats out in February 2012, the track Palace Chalice reminds me of the slower work from his debut LP Skulltaste, when I listen to it I imagine walking thru a casino all warped Fear In Loathing style. DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE

Grabbed from the BBC radio, here’s Burial remixing Massive Attack, very elegant, haunting and brittle.

Peaking Lights have been a favorite lately, after seeing them make their own equipment i’m excited to see how they do it live Friday, come by and say hello i’ll be doing a Heathered Pearls DJ set.

Onra going all out here, this is pretty much the equivalent to Super Fly car chase soundtrack but in Japanese.

DKNG Studios

Posted by Scott

Just got home from tour and was pleasantly surprised to see all these nice gig posters from DKNG Studios on GrainEdit. DKNG are apparently the in-house firm for the Troubadour, pretty good gig. Seeing stuff like this (almost) makes me wish I was practicing freelance still. Would be nice to get a spec once in a while for something outside my comfort zone. Bonus: the images are huge! Nice of them to post the high-res versions. You can get the original Gif format ones over at DKNG’s site.

DKNG Studios via GrainEdit

Under Pohutukawa Residence

The Pohutukawa tree is found in New Zealand and its crimson flower has long been part of the Christmas tradition. The house received its name because of its location around a dense Pohutukawa grove near the beach. The architects did an outstanding job mirroring the interior design, materials and the structure of the house to the complex form of the surrounding Pohutukawa trees.

Shared via Wanken / Photos by Patrick Reynolds

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