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NEW ISO50 Shirts : 45 White Grey Coffee

Posted by Jakub

Just so you guys know Scott put an attractive line of shirts together this week under the name 45. I actually asked him recently about the approach of these and he told me that he only makes shirts that he would want to wear and not just some tee that are branded, made a lot of sense, its funny when a designer can’t or won’t wear their own shirts but still offers them for sale, would love your thoughts on the design.

Here are links to the store so you can grab your favorite one:

45 Black on White

45 White on Grey

45 Black/White on Coffee

The Great Smog of ’52

Posted by Jon

These chilling images were taken during London’s Great Smog of ’52. For four days the city of London was blanketed by a poisonous smog that reduced visibility to a few yards and led to an estimated 12,000 fatalities. From NPR:

Roads were littered with abandoned cars. Midday concerts were cancelled due to total darkness. Archivists at the British Museum found smog lurking in the book stacks. Cattle in the city’s Smithfield market were killed and thrown away before they could be slaughtered and sold — their lungs were black.

On the second day of the smog, Saturday, Dec. 6, 500 people died in London. When the ambulances stopped running, thousands of gasping Londoners walked through the smog to the city’s hospitals.

The lips of the dying were blue. Heavy smoking and chronic exposure to pollution had already weakened the lungs of those who fell ill during the smog. Particulates and acids in the killer brew finished the job by triggering massive inflammations. In essence, the dead had suffocated.
Some 900 more people died on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 1952. Then the wind swept in unexpectedly. The killer fog vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

It sounds like the plot of a post-apocalyptic film, but the event opened the public’s eyes to the deadly effects of pollution and led to significant developments in environmental research, government regulation, and public awareness of the relationship between air quality and health.

via Another Nickel in the Machine

Gui Boratto + Ruth + Daphni + Polysick

Posted by Jakub

Photo by @Hallwood on instagram

The new Gui Boratto album has some gems on it, actually one thing I like about it the most is that I could use this album as sort of tool to get new fans into this sort of music. Maybe get a club kid to sit down and take a break from the rowdiness he’s only been listening to and share this with him…lets be honest actually i’ll probably never sit down with a club kid though.

Do you ever need the easy in to get a party started? Roman Photo is that perfect icebreaker even for the coolest of kids that haven’t even finished their first PBR and are posting up in the kitchen by the mini keg.

If you’re looking around to see what Caribou is doing well this is it, under the name Daphni, i’ve posted a few tracks in the past, this one gets the blood going, what a good sample at 1:15, for 14 ISO50 points anyone know the original?

I found this small interlude the other day on Soundcloud by Polysick, for me this song is sooo visual and I don’t even take drugs, it screams early 90s but its tangled in a maze of early computer graphics and 3D rendering, I want more.

Hallwood on Instagram

Tycho Live Photos + Portland + Seattle

It’s always have a blast shooting Tycho. This time around I (Shelby) shot the guys playing in Portland at the Crown Room and in Seattle at Bumbershoot. Instead of shooting mostly digital, I shot with my Yashica T4 exclusively. Something about about the very raw film and lack of manual exposure control on the camera really makes me never want to put it down. Also since it’s pocket-sized, I’m able to carry it around all the time.

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Tycho / Little Dragon Fall Tour

Posted by ISO50

We’re very pleased to announce that Tycho (full live band) will be joining Little Dragon for an East Coast tour this month. Details follow, hope to see you out!

Tycho – Fall Tour w/ Little Dragon

Wed, Oct 12 @ The Hoxton – Toronto, ON
Sun, Oct 16 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (Bowery Presents) – Brooklyn, NY*
Mon, Oct 17 @ Royale Nighclub – Boston, MA
Tue, Oct 18 @ Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
Wed, Oct 19 @ Shadow Lounge – Pittsburgh, PA
Fri, Oct 21 @ Masquerade (Haven Stage) – Atlanta, GA
Sat, Oct 22 @ Grand Cenral (Poplife) – Miami, FL
Sun, Oct 23 @ Firestone Live – Orlando, FL
Tue, Oct 25 @ Crowbar – Tampa, FL

*Tycho Headlining (w/out Little Dragon)