Premiere: Alek Fin – Originate EP

Posted by Jon M


Today ALEK FIN unveils his 3rd solo EP titled “Originate”. The 5 track collection is by far his most intimate, vocal centered record yet.

“It’s a heady 5 track EP that I wrote after completing an 8 week mindfulness meditation course. I wanted to explore the concept of taking wild, scattered thoughts and slowly focusing it into a calm, repetitive state. I used a lot more live samples and instrumentation than I have in the past which resulted in recordings that are raw, full of quirks, and white noise. Felt great to just let things be as they are and not over process everything.”— He says.

For those of you out there looking to score a sample pack with loops and oneshots from the record, it comes free with the purchase of the EP on Bandcamp. Just make sure to send your email.

Originate marks his return to being a solo artist full time and will be the first of a series of EP’s he will be dropping through 2020.

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John says:

November 30, 2018 at 12:56 am

You’ve had the same website design for 10 damn years. You are what inspired me to take the individualistic path I decided to take when I was 17. I felt like you were the future, and I’ve held onto that ever since 2008. Now it’s 2018, and so much has changed. Your website is the same, and I live in the same house with my parents. How do we make an actual difference in all this which we call the world? If I didn’t know about, Scott, and I had just discovered it today, I would consider it fresh and relevant based on the design alone. Yet nothing has changed. I don’t forward my friends here anymore, because there’s nothing, no huge implication of change or advancement, that’s published on this site. I used to consider this a primary source for future design, music and artwork I wouldn’t find elsewhere. Hell, I discovered Loscil here in 2010, and 8 years later to this very day I saw Loscil suggested on a friend’s IG feed. I have no doubt that this website’s influence helped that to occur. But I don’t think this website will influence any artist to be mentioned in 2026, the way it is ran now. Is that your responsibility? No, I guess not. But I believed in this website. You had more than you know, here. I hope you’re able to pour more attention in potential into your blindspots, such as this website, because they have more influence than you know.