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Flying Lotus’ New Live Visual Setup

Posted by Jakub

With the latest trend of live shows trying to out do each other Flying Lotus goes dreamy and multi-layered with projections onto him for his project Layer 3:

new mini-documentary peeks behind the scenes of Flying Lotus’s new live audiovisual extravaganza, Layer 3 – which the Academy was proud to assist with developing in support of the Until The Quiet Comes tour. Made with the help of visual artists Strangeloop and Timeboy, the trio have devised a method of transporting FlyLo into outer dimensions using two transparent scrims and interactive front and rear projectors, conjuring nothing short of the acid-fried Space Odyssey “Stargate” scene.

via redbullmusicacademy

Mushroom + Joakim + Prins + Woolfy

Posted by Jakub

The most Proggy of the Disco coming out of Italy is Mushroom Project, everything is a climb in slow waves, these songs could go on forever and I wish it did.

Prins Thomas has this way of always visually simulating me with his music, to me there is this Scandinavian beauty to it that the rest of us don’t know about.

Joakim has a great track record of some of my favorite remixes, he starts with making sure your patient but always delivers a well worked out idea, its always about the unique steps to the meat and potatoes of the song, the yearning for it to never end and not the drop.

End this spaced out Halloween music post on a tropical planet curated by Woolfy Vs. Projections, almost coma inducing in a good way.

Owen Perry

Posted by Scott

Absolutely gorgeous work from Owen Perry aka Circa 1983. Really getting close to that late 70s / early 80s National Geographic look with some of this stuff while a lot of it is thoroughly modern. Check the rest of his portfolio, it’s really deep and you can watch his work evolve. Excited to see where he takes it.

More at Circa 1983 Portfolio and Circa_1983 Instagram

Andy Stott Stream + Four Tet & Jamie Xx

Posted by Jakub

One of the more elegantly put together produced albums this year has to be Luxury Problems by Andy Stott. He has been bubbling and raising with every EP and single he’s put out in the UK beat scene but with this release and the help of NPR this could quickly take over as not just filler for a need of more Bjork, Portishead, Massive Attack for the broader audience out there but as a one that will stand among those names for this generation.

Sometimes it makes me smile how big The Xx are and imagining all the fans out there hoping for something dancey or trendy but instead what they get is real music and I can see some of them being bummed out because of that.