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Tycho at Treasure Island + Blog Meetup

Posted by ISO50

Treasure Island Music Festival is this weekend in SF and we have a couple things to announce. First off, Tycho will be playing at 7PM on Saturday. There will also be an ISO50 / Tycho booth with prints, clothing, and music where we’ll be doing a meetup before and after the show. Scott, Jakub, Alex, and Jonathan will be at the booth from 4-5PM on Saturday and then after the Tycho set the whole band will be hanging out over there as well so drop by and say hello. Hope to see you out there!

Forget Your Past

Posted by Scott

Timothy Allen brought back some great shots of the abandoned Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria. As you can see from some of the before shots, this monument was quite a sight during it’s Communist heyday. I can’t imagine what it would be like to stand in front of an architectural and artistic work of this scale knowing it’s just sitting there rotting away.

Allen used a microlight to get the aerial shots, pretty amazing imagery and story.

More at his site

Skeletons+ERAAS+Darkstar+Laurel Halo

Posted by Jakub

Skeletons are one of the most underrated bands in Brooklyn for many years now, they perfectly glide under the radar and most of the band members have more musical writing talent than every band that comes thru the same venue they play that week. Imagine The Books with more passion or a Broken Social Scene made up of well travelled and more open minded people willing to experiment.

What I love about about ERAAS is the composition of the brewing swells is usually paired up with deep tom hits, it has this ritual feel to it, live it makes up this uniform feel which keeps you entranced knowing at any moment it can swell beautifully out of control.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for more Darkstar, now that Warp is helping overseeing things I see this group really blossoming into a magnificent and beloved project.

Laurel Halo has a way of turning that old spacey Detroit Techno sound and spinning into this funnel of synth working overtime.

ISO50 Exclusive: New Teen Daze Single

Posted by Jakub

Our friend Jamison is putting out his album “The Inner Mansions“on November 6, 2012, on Lefse Records. He let us share an exclusive track and video for our readers. What I love about is he keeps the beauty of an expanding ambient track and adds vox and instruments that doesn’t take away from that base.

Pre-order the album here