Skeletons+ERAAS+Darkstar+Laurel Halo

Posted by Jakub

Skeletons are one of the most underrated bands in Brooklyn for many years now, they perfectly glide under the radar and most of the band members have more musical writing talent than every band that comes thru the same venue they play that week. Imagine The Books with more passion or a Broken Social Scene made up of well travelled and more open minded people willing to experiment.

What I love about about ERAAS is the composition of the brewing swells is usually paired up with deep tom hits, it has this ritual feel to it, live it makes up this uniform feel which keeps you entranced knowing at any moment it can swell beautifully out of control.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for more Darkstar, now that Warp is helping overseeing things I see this group really blossoming into a magnificent and beloved project.

Laurel Halo has a way of turning that old spacey Detroit Techno sound and spinning into this funnel of synth working overtime.

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