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Dolphins Into The Future+Jane+Anika+FUR

Posted by Jakub

Pulling out some long experimental cuts for you today, starting off with Dolphins Into The Future which was random purchase yesterday at Sound Fix, the record store clerk suggested it and i’m glad I picked it up. If you like the soft synths and VHS quality sound then this whole album is perfect for you, i’d suggest getting it on vinyl, it just got repressed.

Jane is an lo-fi loop based project consisting of Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) of Animal Collective and Scott Mou who’s one of the nicest record store people you can talk to at Other Music in NYC. I love 20+ minute tracks like this, I can let it ride out while I do work and really enjoy myself without fumbling thru iTunes.

Anika is coming to NYC in just alil more than a week! check the Stones Throw site for date in LA and NYC. Her tempo and raw delivery is exactly what i’d like to hear live these days.

To round out today’s playlist we have Solar Bears reaching for the stars with their remix of FUR, enjoy this calm Monday.

Sportag + Prisms + Bering + Camden

Posted by Jakub

Cascine Records is taking that sexy delicate pop from the Swedish glossy magazines and creating a very rich boutique genre that is soft to the touch. First, they blew me away with Selebrities and now Jensen Sportag has my ear, makes me think about the days that I started falling in love with Erlend Oye’s music.

Young Prisms deliver a playful wall of sound, catchy right from the start, gives me hope thinking that more and more young groups have done their homework, looking forward to hearing more.

This posted started as a Jonas Bering playlist but then I thought I need to change it up a bit, so here you go Kompakt fans, one of the classics.

You don’t find much Ken Camden digitally, the man is vinyl find, a gem for serious headphone listeners, a very rewarding meditative piece that could go on for an hour longer if I had it my way.

Tycho Live Tonight in Sacramento

Posted by Scott

Dusty Brown has certified this sound system and tonight is a go. Tycho goes on at 11:30pm, try to get there early as they should be hitting capacity quickly. Tickets are available at the door or you can purchase a full pass for all three days of the festival here.

SEMF @ The Townhouse, Sacramento Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Tycho (Ghostly International/SF)
Daedelus (Ninja Tune/LA)
Sister Crayon (Manimal Records)
Pregnant (TerrorEyes)
Whores (HUMP/Grimey)
Fresh Machine (Who Cares)

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Guest Music Post: Tadd Mullinix

Posted by Jakub

I’m happy to announce our latest Guest Music Post is by the very talented and respected Detroit musician Tadd Mullinix (Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1). I remember having a CD player alarm clock years ago and i’d wake up to Tadd Mullinix – Minajor every morning for more than a year no joke, I wanted to remember every note. Recently I went into Encore Records in Ann Arbor, MI where Tadd works and asked him where the Dark Cello music was hoping he’d unveil magical classical music in which I know nothing about. Here are Tadd’s choices, the Michael William Gilbert song blew my face off, still gathering it off the floor:

1. Booker Ervin – Blues for You
When this one came into the record shop, it found its way to the turntable
immediately. As it played overhead I was struck by the group’s blazing,
unremitting pace.

2. Woo – A Complex Art
It appears to me that the music on this cassette came from a salubrious
spiritual function that took place somewhere in the new-age 90’s.

3. Michael William Gilbert – Phase
Private press. This comes from a gallant mind cradled by an electronic music
studio somewhere in Boston, MA. He wished to make his electronic compositions a “more human music, a fusion of synthesized, concrete, and instrumental sound.”

4. Severed Heads – Cowboy Muzak
My favorite works from them have balanced elements of repetition, fuzzy noise, and melodic basslines that usually support a crusty amalgam of dancing synth-lines and whip-crack percussion.

Chicken Point Cabin

Locating a cabin on the side of an Idaho lake is one of the best decisions you could make. It just so happens that this cabin also has a window-wall which is 30 x 20 feet and opens the entire living space up to an amazing view of the lake. Although this looks more like a house, the interior and sleeping quarters and designed similar to that of a traditional cabin. It sleeps ten people.

Architectural firm: Olson Kundig Architects

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Matthew Lyons / Push it Backwards

Posted by Alex

Matthew Lyons just posted a new comic called Push It Backwards. Consistent with everything he does, this looks absolutely amazing. I continue to be blown away by his talent, but more impressive to me is his imagination. The story he tells here (the pages you can read) is peculiar and wonderful. It’s really only a matter of time before we see his work absolutely everywhere (Pixar if you don’t hire him I will). A rare talent this one. Be sure to check out the process piece he did for us last year.