Sportag + Prisms + Bering + Camden

Posted by Jakub

Cascine Records is taking that sexy delicate pop from the Swedish glossy magazines and creating a very rich boutique genre that is soft to the touch. First, they blew me away with Selebrities and now Jensen Sportag has my ear, makes me think about the days that I started falling in love with Erlend Oye’s music.

Young Prisms deliver a playful wall of sound, catchy right from the start, gives me hope thinking that more and more young groups have done their homework, looking forward to hearing more.

This posted started as a Jonas Bering playlist but then I thought I need to change it up a bit, so here you go Kompakt fans, one of the classics.

You don’t find much Ken Camden digitally, the man is vinyl find, a gem for serious headphone listeners, a very rewarding meditative piece that could go on for an hour longer if I had it my way.

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Marcus says:

January 28, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Hey Jakub, nice post as usual. I got to say that I love the Jonas Bering track.

Also I noticed that “Dunian” hasn’t popped up anywhere on this blog.

Next time you have a free second check them out, preferably the song “Where is the Problem”. It seems like it’s just up your alley!