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HTRK+Opera M Steel+S Metals+Stop M Me

Posted by Jakub

If you love dark pop and want a mature album then September you’ll have the strongest record in the pack from HTRK that we’ve heard in quite sometime. I mean matching this up with anything goth or dark that came out this winter or the trendy stuff that makes no sense as summer albums(new goth and summer doesn’t mix well in my opinion) just can’t hold up next to this.

I heard Opera Multi Steel a few weeks ago at a Wierd label showcase, completely floored me, I can’t believe i’m 25 years late to the party.

Synth pop duos are popping up daily and they always will, we just need to filter thru them well and support the good ones so they keep making more music, Soft Metals have my full support after I heard Psychic Driving. One thing I look for is the perfect marriage of the vox and its volume and how it sits with the synths and if they play together well partnered up and its gorgeous here.

I’ve been hesitating for no reason other than being scared that his other remixes aren’t going to be as good as this one but I am in love with this Stopmakingme remix and I want to hear more, I just haven’t gotten around to it since i’m soo satisfied with hearing this one on loop.

Formula One

Posted by Jon

Just watched the documentary on Ayrton Senna (great film) and I’m really digging the whole F1 aesthetic. These images are from The Cahier Archive, a father and son team that has covered the Formula One Championship from the 1950s to the present.

It’s interesting to see how the sport has changed over the years but my favorite decade has to be the 80s. Check out the previous post on the Porsche 917 for more vintage racing goodness.


Posted by Jakub

Having Mark McGuire venture off to work with others who understand his sound is exactly would I love hearing and i’m sure fans of his and Emeralds couldn’t be more excited of result of this new one.

This Ken Camden song is a lot more playful than the one I posted in the past from the same album, one thing that bums me out though is that the rest of the record doesn’t really hint at this sound again, i’ll take what I can get though.

I hope you know i’m HUGE supporter of Apparat BUT the vocals on this track really do nothing for me, I mean he almost has lost all the excitement that he has built in his style instead I hear a bad Bono sad song, I still love you Apparat.

Really feeling this Tiger & Woods sound, that electric whistle sounding loop is tops.

The home of Erik Spiekermann

As I would have suspected, the master typographer Erik Spiekermann, has a deluxe, modern house in Berlin. Some features include a full Bulthaup kitchen, a bookshelf that requires a hoisting harness to peruse it, and prismatic windows that allow warmth from the sun to pass through only when hit at a low angle. Sold yet?

On the fifth floor is the office of Spiekermann and his wife Susanna Dulkinys—a designer. The sixth floor is the kitchen and living area while the seventh floor is the bedroom. All of the surfaces of the house are painted a shade of light grey. It keeps the interior bright and cool but not cold.

Susanna Dulkinys on keeping the house’s interior free from clutter:

It’s like creating white space so you can free your mind and be creative.

Found on Wanken

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G Panda+U Orchestra+WashedOut+H Pearls

Posted by Jakub

Gold Panda just announced his tour and is giving away a free unreleased track, maybe its an album track or maybe just something for an EP, either way that should make some fans excited.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Unknown Mortal Orchestra being a great live band but until now I only heard snippets and I think a remix. I finally put on the album and i’m a fan, I really enjoy how the drums are recorded and the fuzzy highs.

Subpop is sharing another Washed Out track from his upcoming album, sounds like something straight from the Ulrich Schnauss handbook to me.

I put together this short airy track yesterday and slowly disintegrated it under the name Heathered Pearls.