Gui Boratto + Ruth + Daphni + Polysick

Posted by Jakub

Photo by @Hallwood on instagram

The new Gui Boratto album has some gems on it, actually one thing I like about it the most is that I could use this album as sort of tool to get new fans into this sort of music. Maybe get a club kid to sit down and take a break from the rowdiness he’s only been listening to and share this with him…lets be honest actually i’ll probably never sit down with a club kid though.

Do you ever need the easy in to get a party started? Roman Photo is that perfect icebreaker even for the coolest of kids that haven’t even finished their first PBR and are posting up in the kitchen by the mini keg.

If you’re looking around to see what Caribou is doing well this is it, under the name Daphni, i’ve posted a few tracks in the past, this one gets the blood going, what a good sample at 1:15, for 14 ISO50 points anyone know the original?

I found this small interlude the other day on Soundcloud by Polysick, for me this song is sooo visual and I don’t even take drugs, it screams early 90s but its tangled in a maze of early computer graphics and 3D rendering, I want more.

Hallwood on Instagram

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