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HBO Intro Behind The Scenes

Posted by Scott

Awesome behind the scenes segment on the making of the 1980’s HBO intro. Every time I get frustrated with work I’ll think of this and remember how lucky we as creatives are to have modern tools. Although compare this to the digitally generated DVNO video. +1 for analog, again. I don’t know what amazes me more, that they achieved these effects with such limited technology, or that HBO was willing to go to such expense for an intro sequence.

Video Link

Oh, and the HBO Video logo for good measure…

John Roberts+Ashra+Jelinek&Triosk+SKM

Posted by Jakub

John Roberts new LP entitled Glass Eights has odes to old deep house and carries along at a pace that should interest new listeners to the sound that Dial excels at. Imagine standing alone in a parking lot full of snow at night and your under a amber street light and watching the snow gently going back up into the sky.

Ashra is definitely a go to on a road trip, no one can hate this after your mind has been numbed by 12k+ miles of highway driving in 40 days, he man sounds like he’s playing the clouds.

I’m a sucker for this speedy atmospheric jazz sound in Neckless AKA Neck Face, you could put this on for 30-40 mins and I would just wait happily for the song to resolve.

Mark Kozelek has done it again, if maple syrup needed music to allow you to collect it in the bitter cold you’d need this song on repeat.

Bernard Barry

Posted by Alex

Bernard Barry is one of the principal visual designers at Facebook. A pretty sweet job I’d say. Imagine having a guarantee that your work would always reach millions of people. Barry handles the pressure nicely; his work is exceptional. If you just briefly glance at his site, you might not notice the absurd amount of detail that goes into each of his projects. The scale of each is often staggering. Barry also has cataloged his entire collection of books and movies. Absolutely worth checking out if you’re on the search for some new books.

Before Facebook, Barry worked at the Decoder Ring and I am imensly curious is he had a hand in creating my favorite logo of all time.

via dinner, earlier tonight

Point Concept

Posted by Beamer

So I recently picked up my new surf van and headed on a road trip to Santa Barbara for a few days to build a new board with friend Ryan Lovelace of Point Concept.

The project: 4’11” (21″ wide, 2.25″ thick) Velosim shaped, glassed, and surfed within 24 hours.

Ryan’s a total prodigy. An absolutely phenomenal shaper who has perfected his craft at the ripe age of 24. His hulls have changed how I look at surfing, and my new my new board has changed my style forever.

The outcome:

If any of you are considering a new sled, or never ridden a displacement hull before, look no further.

We took it for a spin at the local favorite the next morning. This board screams. Thank you Ryan. And most importantly, thank you Herbie.


Everybody go check out his boards, follow his blog, and get out in the water.

Keep track of surfing adventures on my blog semi-radical.

If I had more plugs, I’d put them here.

The New Leaf

Posted by Alex

I’m not really sure what to link you to first…everything about this project is exceptionally well executed. Local design firm I Shot Him put together a very slick project (maybe “experience” is more fitting) surrounding the issue of marijuana legalization.

The project is made up of a lot of pieces: a website, a video, a process box, the list goes on. Really blown away by the complexity and creativity at work. And these guys aren’t a big shop! I Shot Him is made up a just a few MFA Academy of Art grads. Well done guys!

In addition to all of the final deliverables, they’ve outlined their process in this very detailed and thorough process piece. I am a sucker for design process articles and this one is among the best I’ve seen. I’ve included some images above, but definitely check out the full piece.

Warm Ghost + Teebs + Woodsman + Raime

Posted by Jakub

I have 4 tracks today for you that you can completely get lost in.

While i’ve been away on tour, i’m kicking myself for missing a few shows, one of them was this Light Asylum & Warm Ghost show. The flyer is amazing for this night. Warm Ghost has this great moody remix of Deerhunter’s Lotus Plaza that i’ve been waiting to post, i’m loving this swelling feeling it gives off.

Shigeto turned on onto Teebs, they both use bells and chimes soo well, this Burner track is one of many songs on the album that I can see myself falling in love with. I’m happy to hear Brainfeeder is picking up a release that doesn’t need hyped beats to show that they can dominate with great signings like this.

This Woodsman track is gentle noise that just feels around in your ear, I wouldn’t know what the singer was saying until you read the track name and just becomes clear as day.

Something a little bit on the darker side, this Raime song has a stealth pulse that I love, its in no rush.