Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Posted by Beamer

Spring is here! The sun is out, the parks are full of people. Put your shorts and windbreakers on.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, founded in 1972 by classical musician and composer Simon Jeffes, is the epitome of springtime, and nothing short of pure class. Their first album was produced and released by Eno under his “Obscure” label.

Here’s a track from each of their first four albums. Enjoy.

Mark Isham – Vapor Drawings (1983)

Posted by Beamer

From my stacks of new age, here’s Mark Isham’s debut album. It was oddly released on Windham Hill, which isn’t known for it’s electronic influence.

He plays the trumpet, which is more apparent in the rest of the album, but listen to it’s incorporation into the first track.

It’s a beautiful release, and even if it wasn’t, the sleeve would make up for it.