Point Concept

Posted by Beamer

So I recently picked up my new surf van and headed on a road trip to Santa Barbara for a few days to build a new board with friend Ryan Lovelace of Point Concept.

The project: 4’11” (21″ wide, 2.25″ thick) Velosim shaped, glassed, and surfed within 24 hours.

Ryan’s a total prodigy. An absolutely phenomenal shaper who has perfected his craft at the ripe age of 24. His hulls have changed how I look at surfing, and my new my new board has changed my style forever.

The outcome:

If any of you are considering a new sled, or never ridden a displacement hull before, look no further.

We took it for a spin at the local favorite the next morning. This board screams. Thank you Ryan. And most importantly, thank you Herbie.


Everybody go check out his boards, follow his blog, and get out in the water.

Keep track of surfing adventures on my blog semi-radical.

If I had more plugs, I’d put them here.

Semi Radical

Posted by Beamer

I took two weeks off work while the rest of the gang was in London for a conference to go surf camping down the West coast. I’m on the last leg of the trip and it’s been absolutely phenomenal.

I’m camping out of my Prius. A little awkward but it’s been just fine. Luckily friends down the coast have kept me company and offered their couches.

For the fellow sliders out there, I brought my 8’3 Malwitz noserider, 6’2 Hobie “Mini Bird”, and a 5’11 Taylor quad fish. Unfortunately my 2 new customs weren’t ready for the trip, so brought the old sleds. It’s turned out to be a pretty well rounded quiver for the slow summer conditions. I’ve mostly ridden the Hobie.

I’m keeping a blog, so if you’re interested – feel free to follow along. Lots of photos.



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