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Moog iOS App

Posted by Scott

CDM is reporting on a new iOS based Moog product called Filtatron, “an iPhone Filtering, Effects, and Sampling App”, basically Moogerfoogers on your phone. This is looking pretty amazing interface-wise; very true to the signature Moog aesthetic with the Little Phatty style rotary encoders and soft buttons. From a strictly user experience perspective this must have been a lot of fun to design. It will be interesting to see how it actually sounds compared to the real thing though — I’m going to take a wild guess and say it sounds nothing like a MoogerFooger. Software analog modeling is an imperfect art (or perhaps too perfect); it’s best to think of it as it’s own beast entirely than a faithful representation of the sonic characteristics of a true analog circuit. At any rate it’s interesting to see music technology makers pushing the capabilities of mobile devices. Software like this can may never replace analog hardware, but it would be nice to have the portability and power when you’re away from the studio, even if it comes with a healthy dose of compromise. See also: iRig

Source MatrixSynth via CDM

The Walkmen+Anoraak+Glasser+Hooray!

Posted by Jakub

I’ve always liked how the singer of The Walkmen voice went along with the guitars and their conservative classic style has made it easy for them to be a big hit in the main stream. I listened to the album and thought it was really strong but I found this NPR Session of the song Woe Is Me to be what i’d love to put on if i’m going to listen to The Walkmen.

More Neon Indian remixes, this one comes from Anoraak from France, if you haven’t noticed yet i’m still a sucker for this gentle 80s sound.

Glasser takes a Fever Ray approach, nothing new here but its done really well. At times in this song I wish Ellen Allien took this approach I think by now she’d be doing big things. Also, one part that grabbed me in this Glasser track was the similarities in the intro with Matthew Dear’s Don’t Go This Way, which I loved, more of that sound please.

Hooray! style is all over the place, I can’t put my finger on it, crunchy kicks or sometimes even pianos, in I Guess… he flattens out simple noisy loops making them sound like the last new minutes of a No Age session that has died down.

Experimental Jetset Presentation

Note: Skip to around 5 minutes in to bypass the outdated AIGA news

In addition to the Experimental Jetset Interview that Alex did a while back, this video should help reveal some more information about Experimental Jetset. The first time I watched the video I felt more of a connection to their work simply because I could see and hear their personality. Why?

More than once I’ve been informed of a new artists or designers but haven’t connected with them because I can’t see them talk about their work. Take David Carson as an example. During my first year at the Art Institute I heard his name once a day, five days a week and for the life of me, couldn’t see the value in his design. Now hold on here for a second, I know I’m not the only one (not trying to start a David Carson war here). Regardless my opinion has since changed. But not because I could finally comprehend his intentions. It was because when I watched a video of him speaking I started to see where he was coming from. It was almost as if seeing and hearing him talk let me see into his creative prism. Perhaps by his humor or perhaps because I could simply see him. Either way it helped me establish trust in what he was doing as a designer, or artist, whatever you might consider him to be.

Experimental Jetset didn’t need that trust or comprehension on my end. It was already there because I enjoyed their works and established an immediate connection to them. However, I still really enjoyed seeing Marieke and Danny share insight on their works. Part of it was realizing that these people that I look up to are human and part of it was that hearing those little insights into their creative process is very valuable and inspiring.

Electric DeLorean

Posted by Scott

I’m posting this partly because there was one parked outside my house on Monday and partly because you can’t have grown up during the 80’s without lusting after these things (but I’m guessing all designers, regardless of age, have at least a passing interest in the aesthetics of this car). Gizmodo reports that an Italian team has converted a DeLorean DMC-12 to run on lithium-ion batteries. Sounds like fun but I think I’d rather just buy a new one.

Source Gizmodo

Games+Lovelock+Surfer Blood+Quantec

Posted by Jakub

Oneohtrix Point Never is at it again, melting our ears with synth leads and nostalgia as Games, its like the best Saturday morning cartoon intro.

Tangerine Dream did wonders for 80’s film scores and musicians, Lovelock follows down that path with this spacey light hearted jam.

Twin Shadow how are you going to just rip one of the most popular guitar loops out of a Police song and have the balls to put your name on it?!

On the road i’ve been listening to a ton of older and newer techy Dub, it makes the mind numbing 10 hour a day drives go by abit less painful.

SwissAir Posters

Recently I’ve stumbled upon SR692—quite possibly the best collection of SwissAir collateral. It is definitely the biggest collection and had these gems stowed deep within. Most of these posters were came from the 50s to the 70s archives on the site. The few I’ve posted are very straight forward as you can see. Simply utilizing the generic airplane icon, a headline and the SwissAir logo—part of what makes these posters so unique.

Via Wanken

Premiere: Yours Truly x Memoryhouse

Posted by Scott

We’re pleased to present the exclusive premiere of a new song and video by one of our favorite new artists, Memoryhouse. Yours Truly captured this beautiful performance of Pale Blue by the Canadian duo while they were visiting San Francisco’s The SUB. Stay tuned here for more info on the upcoming album and tour dates.

Memoryhouse – Pale Blue Video