Baths+J. Wakeman+The Soft Moon+McBride

Posted by Jakub

Maybe not your usual “Pop Song” but we all wish it was something that could push aside the Enimem collabo’s and Will Smith’s daughter new song on the radio these days.

Jesse Wakeman might sound like Mayer Hawthorne 45 that travelled back in time and was put in a muggy shed to sit in for 50+ years but that doesn’t discredit the sound he is honing on and nailing properly.

Everything that i’ve heard from The Soft Moon has been what drives me back to a full bar of energy this summer especially if i’m noticeably becoming sluggish, its my more natural 5 hour energy drink.

Many know Brian McBride because of his Stars Of The Lid project, I personally have been enjoying this song not only for the fun name but how he makes you feel like your being delivered to the ocean by virgin clouds and gently being placed in bath water like temperature near Iceland.

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Ryan says:

October 31, 2010 at 1:16 am

Brian McBride is always an inspiration… but whoa, the Soft Moon track has me feeling all nostalgic for ’80’s guitar noise and heavily-chorused basses. Win.