ADR + Com Truise + Gotye + The Soft Moon

Posted by Jakub

Cover Art for ADR

Machines assembling other machines with precision and complexity is the visual some people might get if they sit back an enjoy ADR who is half of Gatekeeper, and knowing that makes me insure the influences of this album is authentic and not just a recent hobby, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Com Truise recently leaked an old tune for free on his site. Datebar has this drifting feeling/sound that Seth mastered awhile back, it probably comes from the pushing beat and that release on all the melting synth notes.

SV4 nailed it when he commented “Sting meets Kings Of Convenience” when he posted the Gotye video on his facebook.

The Soft Moon might not return my emails anymore but I still love them endlessly, here’s a swirling anthem from their upcoming EP thats out on October 31st.

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