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Instagram Shapes Series

For the last month and a half I’ve been posting a series of found “shapes” on Instagram. The objects in the images are various places, signs, or vintage objects. Each image expresses my affection for simple, clean and effective design. It’s also about connecting with those lines; It’s about the feeling you get when viewing it.

It’s a challenge finding new compositions that really give off that spark, but it’s also fun. It’s also really interesting to see how others react to certain shapes and colors. Hope you enjoy!

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Osler home in Brazil

Posted by Jakub

This is one of the simplest modern homes i’ve seen in a while, there isn’t much to the overall outline. It breaks down to the stairs leading up to the bottom floor which looks like it reaches a layer of stones to walk up to the second level and then the outdoor pool sits nicely in the back. My favorite section of the home is the long wooden sides, growing up in the midwest which you get a harsh taste of every season; this detail would not be possible.


Heathered Pearls – Stadiums & Shrines Mix

Posted by Jakub

I did a mix and interview today for Stadiums & Shrines, the mix includes some exclusive edits of Com Truise and Black Marble along with some favorites from Byrne & Eno, radio recording of Panda Bear, and kicks off with OMD.

The guys over at S&S have great questions and post huge versions of images so its a great nice blog to explore. Its pretty much the first i’ve ever talked about my design and influences, let me know what you think.

Future Totems is playing right now (above). Where is this mix coming from…what kind of space does it live in?

Future Totems is similar to some of my other mixes which are about communicating the beauty of how I see sound expanding slowly. I see it living in a naturally carved out, small cove full of very simple, large vegetation surrounding a huge slow-moving body of water; it’s a calm place yet there’s plenty of moving parts, and once in awhile everything aligns and you get these still moments.

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Download the mix here

Lusine+Polar+Blanck Mass+Pachanga Boys

Posted by Jakub

Since the fall of IDM years ago many of the producers have gone on and completely stopped making music all together, rumors have it Arovane started dirt biking and Tim Tetlow like many look a computer job and have a family. Lusine on the other hand hasn’t stopped developing his sound, keeping true to the beautiful and danceability of his sound and gracing us with an album when he has time away from scoring films.

I miss Kelley Polar, he was my go to once the Junior Boys albums were getting worn out.

Software put out a beautiful album by Blanck Mass, a massive ambient sound that slowly rises into New Age at its best.

Pachanga Boys gained their recognition from the Kompakt Total compilation series, Time has been a popular track, sitting at 15+ minutes makes it the epic trance cool down jam of the night.

1976 Hoodies + Boulder Lithograph is back

Posted by Jakub

We just got the 1976 red/blue on heathered grey hoodies in the shop, a nice classic layout on a comfortable hoodie at a low holiday price, get them before they’re gone at the ISO50 shop.

Also, we can hardly keep the Tycho Boulder Poster in stock, printed on a superfine eggshell white, this lithograph has been one of the most popular items on the shop, you can own one yourself or share it with a friend by stopping by our ISO50 shop.

And one last thing, Australia Tycho comes to you this month for the first time, head to for more info.

Tycho Tour Dates
NOV 21 Hi-Fi Bar Melbourne, Australia
NOV 23 Strawberry Fields Festival Kawarren, Australia
NOV 24 Metro Theatre Sydney, Australia