Osler home in Brazil

Posted by Jakub

This is one of the simplest modern homes i’ve seen in a while, there isn’t much to the overall outline. It breaks down to the stairs leading up to the bottom floor which looks like it reaches a layer of stones to walk up to the second level and then the outdoor pool sits nicely in the back. My favorite section of the home is the long wooden sides, growing up in the midwest which you get a harsh taste of every season; this detail would not be possible.


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Euro says:

December 5, 2012 at 2:56 pm

1-My redonkulous carema that I love like Crazy Cakes!2-Hot Chocolate from Starbucks3-Christmas commercials on TV in October4-When a stranger does some random act of kindness and I pay it forward5-My daughters laugh (it fills me with warm gooey love)6-Support from friends and family on new adventures in our lives (our photography business)Succeed or fail, they are proud of me!7-Knowing who your real friends are and focusing on them as they focus on you The rest is just noise!8-The internet9-My pups Roxy and Scout10-My families health, happiness, strength and that I have them in my life!