Heathered Pearls – Stadiums & Shrines Mix

Posted by Jakub

I did a mix and interview today for Stadiums & Shrines, the mix includes some exclusive edits of Com Truise and Black Marble along with some favorites from Byrne & Eno, radio recording of Panda Bear, and kicks off with OMD.

The guys over at S&S have great questions and post huge versions of images so its a great nice blog to explore. Its pretty much the first i’ve ever talked about my design and influences, let me know what you think.

Future Totems is playing right now (above). Where is this mix coming from…what kind of space does it live in?

Future Totems is similar to some of my other mixes which are about communicating the beauty of how I see sound expanding slowly. I see it living in a naturally carved out, small cove full of very simple, large vegetation surrounding a huge slow-moving body of water; it’s a calm place yet there’s plenty of moving parts, and once in awhile everything aligns and you get these still moments.

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Download the mix here

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Clayton says:

November 16, 2012 at 6:49 am

Awesome interview, Jakub. I’m only about 4 minutes in to your mix, but it’s sounding great so far. The tones of the track playing around the 4-minute mark remind me a lot of your Left Climber track. Very much looking forward to your LP’s release.

On a somewhat related note, I’m really digging the subtle color changes S&S’s background goes through. At first it was a bit surprising, but it’s an interesting touch.

Anyway, lovely stuff, Jakub. Keep up the good work.


Jakub says:

November 16, 2012 at 7:09 am

Thanks Clayton

Here’s the tracklist

OMD – Time Zones
Com Truise – Hyperlips (Heathered Pearls intro rework)
Lone – Under Two Palms
Panda Bear – Untitled (radio recording)
High Wolf – Solar System Is My God
Sun Araw – Conga Mind
Battles – TRAS3
Byrne&Eno – Mea Culpa
Le Revelateur – View Model
Chrome Wings / Ladyshapes – Almost There
Dirty Beaches – Speedway King
Black Marble – A Great Design (Heathered Pearls edit)
Ashra – Sunrain
Airbird – Deep Dreams