Lusine+Polar+Blanck Mass+Pachanga Boys

Posted by Jakub

Since the fall of IDM years ago many of the producers have gone on and completely stopped making music all together, rumors have it Arovane started dirt biking and Tim Tetlow like many look a computer job and have a family. Lusine on the other hand hasn’t stopped developing his sound, keeping true to the beautiful and danceability of his sound and gracing us with an album when he has time away from scoring films.

I miss Kelley Polar, he was my go to once the Junior Boys albums were getting worn out.

Software put out a beautiful album by Blanck Mass, a massive ambient sound that slowly rises into New Age at its best.

Pachanga Boys gained their recognition from the Kompakt Total compilation series, Time has been a popular track, sitting at 15+ minutes makes it the epic trance cool down jam of the night.

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Tim says:

November 15, 2012 at 3:46 am

Lusine has been killing it for a while now. A Certain Distance was superb. This tune here very much follows on from Gravity which was the best tune on that album for me.

That Pachange Boys tune is epic.


Ruben says:

November 17, 2012 at 3:38 am

There is still enough good experimental electronic music to go around but the true and glorious days of IDM (we don’t want to discuss what is included and what not) is indeed over.

But keep an eye out for little names like Arc Lab (from the wonderful release ‘No Spectre’). I recently emailed him and he is still producing but namely under his real name Medard Fischer.

I wonder, maybe it just takes a while for some of those guys to adapt to the new situation. Just to start anew a decade later…? I certainly hope so…

Thanks for the post, Jakub..