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fischerspooner1 FischerSpooner

I’ve been meaning to post something about Fischerspooner for a while, they’re definitely one of my favorite electronic bands. They also have a very good visual sensibility with a lot of great design / imagery surrounding their releases. The top image is from their latest album, the middle is Casey Spooner, and the last is the video for Fischerspooner’s cover of Wire’s classic The 15th. Certainly my favorite FS song. Since Youtube sound quality is terrible, I’ve posted the MP3 itself below.

Fischerspooner – The 15th


A Middle Distance Runner

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I could fill an entire blog with posts about B&S songs, the list never ends. But in the interest of not boring everyone to death I’m keeping it to my absolute favorites. Stuart Murdoch is an incredible poet and it’s a wonder they also come up with such beautiful music to accompany his words. Something that has always struck me about their recording style is the one-take nature they all seem to have (pre-The Life Pursuit albums at least). Not a ton of effects or production work, just them and their instruments. If you check them out live this fact becomes even more evident. Here’s a great video of them performing this song live.

I also love this cover, for obviously reasons. The type treatment is great and the color scheme is perfect. It’s definitely a break from the sort of duo-tone photos they typically feature on their covers, but this was just an EP and I think they might reserve those for the full albums most of the time. Sorry for the poor quality, I couldn’t find a proper scan of the cover anywhere.

Belle & Sebastian – The Loneliness Of  A Middle Distance Runner


Drake Show Photos

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tdrake420fronttdrakepano- tdrake420scrntdrake420front2
Alexander Harrison sent in these shots he took of of the Drake show in Toronto. Once again, thanks to everyone who came out, it was a great night and I really enjoyed playing in Toronto. Hopefully I’ll be back up that way soon.

Just got home tonight and will be sorting through some of the shots from the trip, I’ll be posting them up soon. Toronto was a very interesting city; aesthetically it struck me as being somewhere in between New York and Chicago with a bit of Amsterdam thrown in. It seemed really culturally rich, wish I could have spent some more time to really get to know the place. Soon enough.

Ghostly Swim: New Tycho Single

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The Ghostly Swim compilation featuring the new Tycho single Cascade [Live Version] is now available for free download at the Adult Swim site. This new track is, as the name implies, a live mix of a new song which will be included on the next full length Tycho release. There’s a flash player you can embed on your site which includes the Tycho track, you can get the code at the Ghostly Swim site.

Once again, it’s free, so head on over to the site and snag your copy. There’s also an exclusive video featuring BoyCatBird and an impossibly hot Mux Mool cut from the comp (you have to click in the lower right corner  of the page to view it).

Tycho – Cascade [Live Version] Free Download