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Making of Obama Print: Tomorrow

Posted by Scott

So I accidentally posted an unfinished draft version of the "Making of Obama" article this morning, complete with Lorem Ipsum stand-in text and unedited writing. The finished article will go up tonight and should be live sometime tomorrow morning.

Sorry to those of you who saw the early version, I noticed in the comments there was a bit of confusion. Apparently when you close and then re-open Windows Live Writer (which I use to publish to this blog) it forgets certain publishing flags and can make a draft live without your knowledge. Lesson learned.

So stay tuned tomorrow or sign up for the RSS feed to be alerted when the finished post is up.

Olympische Spiele Munchen 1972

Posted by Scott

This Otl Aicher-designed Olympic poster is from Blanka. I see them linked on FFFFOUND all the time but I really don’t know what they’re  all about. At first I thought they were an agency but now I think they’re just some sort of design shop with all sorts of cool stuff that is never in stock. At any rate, it’s fun to look at the pictures; they have an extensive archive of vintage poster prints.

The Bank Job

Posted by Scott

I saw this poster plastered all over a construction site by my house a while back and was really struck by how well executed it was for a modern movie poster. I had been meaning to post it but had totally forgotten until Joris commented on it in the 100 Greatest Movie Posters post. You really don’t see design of this caliber and style in the movie industry anymore. I am assuming this was an early version of the poster. I read somewhere that the big studios will commission an early, more subdued / subversive version of movie posters far in advance of the release and then they come with the tried and true (and boring as hell) final version replete with giant heads and random quasi-illustrative open space backdrops. It’s so formulaic, but I suppose they’ve done their homework and that’s what moves the masses. Sad. Thanks Joris for the reminder on this one!

Extra Credit: This seems to be a similar still to the one used for the poster, give you an idea of the sort of photo manipulation that went into the poster version, very nice. Also, here’s another, infinitely worse, version of the poster.