Andy Stott + Four Tet + CFCF + Wareika

Posted by Jakub

Oil rigs spiking Lake Maracaibo - National Geographic, 1963.

There’s always that one song every year that whispers summer is over, time to preparing for hibernation. Andy Stott delivered that song this week, he’s in that excellent position of knowing what to play for a crowd but also in the studio has complete control of beautiful ambience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The Canadians have been owning independent music in 2012, mainly Montreal, the latest collab comes from CFCF and Austra, with their cover of David Bowie, this is a good example of what I think the Bat For Lashes album is missing, the theatrics are there but the sound plays a bit better with a bit more substance.

If anyone missed this thoughtful Four Tet remix od The Xx I wanted to make sure you had a chance with it, he has been simplifying his production lately and its giving his sound new life.

Wareika is a go to for all my DJ sets, everything is brought in slowly like its feeling out if its going to work, the vox isn’t sterile nor diva-ish which lately have been drowning the House scene.

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Patrick says:

September 27, 2012 at 7:27 pm

Wareika song is nicest of the bunch. Sounds perfect on my Sennheiser HD 558’s. Tight bass, warm mids. Mellow background noise. Thanks.