Never thought I would ever really be fascinated by moss…but somehow that all changed as soon as I came across Mosser.

Mosser is a small glass terrarium filled with a simple round moss ball crafted by NY based designers Jennica Johnstone and Noah Atkinson, who I found out by speaking with them, personally cultivate, jar, label, package, and ship all units individually. They are very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water.

Here are a few words and images Jennica and Noah were kind enough to share with us about Mosser, how it was conceived, what goes in to producing each unit, and a few ideas we can hopefully expect to see in a near future:

Mosser is about capturing simplicity and and keeping it alive in ones space. We recognize the need to have something natural at your fingers tips in this day and age.

The project had a very natural and unplanned start, one day we just decided to make a terrarium and not much has changed since that first one. There was no point in the beginning were we thought that we would end up creating a brand and selling these things.

Keeping it simple is key. Let the moss shine, it is such an intriguing plant. Its one of the oldest plants on earth and it can tolerate so many elements, yet it is rootless.

For the future, we would hope to have different customized containers to hold the moss, maybe a wooden base with a glass lid or a rectangular glass container.

Jennica and Noah have also launched a new project by the name of Co/Labs which intends to bring the design community together in many different ways.

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Finn says:

April 3, 2012 at 6:48 am

Can’t quite decide whether this is an elaborate April fool or not… whatever, I love this. Ikea office plants are so old hat :)


neil says:

April 3, 2012 at 7:36 am

Fantastic stuff, a well executed and simple idea.

Started cultivating an area of my back yard especially for moss last year after spending a lot of time in the countryside and seeing mass expanses of it carpeting woods and pathways.

Love the idea of a moss based terrarium for the desk.

Thanks for posting :)


Carol Pike says:

June 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm

We just received the most beautifully packed box with this little wonder in it! My husband is tickled and will keep it on his desk at his office. The kids all want one for their rooms! Nice work all around. Many thanks!


E.J. says:

June 11, 2012 at 12:10 am

Where do I even begin?

This is the most creative and aesthetically pleasing moss terrarium I have ever seen.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving my Mosser was the excellent packaging. Beneath the protective bubble wrap and popcorn stood the cylindrical terrarium. I soon discovered that the moss is further protected by a plastic wrapping (to keep the moisture in) and some packaging paper (to keep the moss/dirt in place) all held in place by two 1/8″ thick rubber bands. The mister bottle is actually made of glass too!

My initial reaction – I sat on my chair for 15 minutes just staring at my Mosser, admiring the beauty and simplicity of this ingenious creation.

Now he sits on my desk at work with numerous passersby asking “wow, that looks awesome” followed shortly with “where did you get that?”.

It took about a month before I received my little green guy but the wait was worth it and I have no complaints. I knew they were “made to order” but adding a hefty wait time, well for me, that speaks quality!


Keone says:

June 19, 2012 at 10:30 am

One of the coolest moss terrarium ever. Compliments it gets is insane and it just sits on my desk. Great conversation piece.

I wonder if I can get girls with this if I carried it with me to the mall or grocery store?!?!

Goob job Jennica and Noah.