Mux+Mem. Tapes+B. Acab+BrokerDealer

Posted by Jakub

For of those you who follow Mux Mool know this EP has been coming, Mux shared the EP at a low quality for free awhile back but now its back from the mastering studio and include a new cut which is my favorite called Flying Dreams.

We get a taste of some more of that Memory Tapes record that is coming out on Carpark with this new video that premiered today, see below.

Anyone else found the last Balam Acab EP addicting? I play it all the time, its a great go to if nothing sounds good in your music collection.

One of the first Broker / Dealer tracks ever just got re-issued on Kompakt last month, super deep cut and very hypnotic, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Photo by: Nico Krijno

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Rudetc says:

June 9, 2011 at 7:21 am

I <3 mssng peces.

Admittedly it helps that I work there but given that decades of insanely heavy interent usage has hollowed out my emotional landscape to the point where I can watch a video of two dying ex-circus kittens being reunited after a ten year absence in an airport arrivals terminal without so much as a wobble of my upper lip, I'll take what I can get.