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Finally we have a new Broker/Dealer release, in my opinion if these guys were constantly making music they would be as large as Lindstrom or Metro Area. This track is like a night drive on the curvy coasts with the top down, it’s so driving yet at a pretty slow tempo. I hope this release will get these guys on the road playing live shows, i’ve only seem them once live and they have the best setup with both of them wearing brown leisure suits and all this 70’s footage of planes taking off on the hottest day. As for the D. Gookin track it’s my favorite to watch live especially the synth breakdowns, he is playing tonight in Brooklyn if you get a chance to come out. A Setting Sun is definitely a change up from the last 2 tracks, there is tons detail here very similar to older Mum without the vocals, every time it comes onto my iTunes it sounds like you’re about to go snowshoeing with the Leno character from the Royksopp video. I should of probably put this Le Technique track first since its more upbeat then the rest, do you remember Wipeout XL for the original Playstation? well this track should of been on the soundtrack if they made a sleeker and more visually beautiful version of the game where you would drive cola brown Maserati’s and wear caramel perforated leather aviator gloves.

Broker/Dealer – Save It For Later


D. Gookin – Inside


A Setting Sun – Views from the Real World


Le Technique – Rhombomere


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texas says:

October 23, 2008 at 10:47 am

Always good posts my friend. And honestly if you had of put the upbeat one first the chances of me listening to the rest might have decreased. just one of those days.


Scott says:

October 23, 2008 at 1:08 pm

nice stuff…. yeah, I have never understood the whole broker/dealer thing. I’ve always thought Initial Public Offering was one of the best of it’s kind.. but when I ask people who really should know their stuff, they’ve never heard of them. we should just scramble a pack of biplanes with loudspeakers and broker/dealer banners hanging off the back. they could circle the city just yelling “these guys live in your town, you should probably know who they are”. also, d.gookin, where did this guy come from? every new song I hear from him is so amazing.


Andrew J. says:

October 23, 2008 at 7:48 pm

a setting sun is the best music to fall asleep and then wake up to. Makes every day just that much calmer.