Bibio + Samiyam + Rustie + Balam Acab

Posted by Jakub

Free spirited Gonjasufi gets reworked by label mate Bibio and its a real unique outcome. Don’t expect the usual guitar or anything worn in sounding, instead organs driving the song into this distorted bass guitar breakdown, it sounds better than I can describe it.

To help promote the upcoming Shigeto debut album Full Circle, Ghostly International is giving away some high profile remixes. The head nod master Samiyam takes Shigeto’s And We Gonna and slaps it around a bit into a low key west coast jam, download it here.

You want a gnarly release to wrap your head around then go out and pick up Rustie’s new EP that came out on Warp today. Its like Sonic the Hedgehog spinning out of control and getting tangled in miles of cassette tape thats being fast forwarded, i’m a fan of this kids creativity, he’s really setting the bar high for how wild this beat music can get and still be super enjoyable.

I keep looking at the name Balam Acab and think its another word just spelled backwards but its not. With the success of Baths I keep running into more beat releases with reverbed lyrics. I really love the use of the water related field recordings in this one, I hope to see this act live.

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sean orr says:

October 5, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Oh man that LFO on the Shigeto remix is so mean it barely makes it out of my shitty speakers. I can just see the speaker cone going crazy!


Anonymous says:

October 7, 2010 at 3:57 pm

I just recently saw Baths Live with el ten eleven and dosh. He was extremely boring, definitely in need of some visual content.