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ISO50 Obama Print Out Now

Posted by Scott

ISO50-Obama-Final Update: This print is sold out.

As some of you already noticed, the Barack Obama site announced the arrival of the print today. You can purchase the print now for $70, all proceeds go to the Barack Obama Campaign.

After all is said and done, I am very happy with the finished product. Unfortunately the colors on the JPEG above don’t come through as well as they did in print and there’s a lot of fine detail that’s lost at this size, so you’ll have to stretch a little bit to imagine what the real thing looks like. I just got into Detroit, will be playing a set at DEMF tomorrow, so I won’t have time to put together a good case study on the process of creating this print until I return on Sunday. But I wanted to post this up in the meantime after holding it back for so long.

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Moctezuma: James Brown

Posted by Scott
It really doesn’t get much better than this poster by Tribal DDB Senior Art Director Sergio Moctezuma (Gigposters User: Moctezuma). I am having  a tough time figuring out whether the type on the face is done by hand or if there is some complex type on path / warping being done in illustrator.  Any ideas? Via FFFFOUND via Panopticist.

Seeing such talented artists spending most of their time working at massive corporate ad agencies always makes me wonder what could have been.  What if a guy like this had spent the past 10 years creating posters and honing his craft, what sort of incredible art would have been contributed to the medium?  That’s not to say people like Sergio aren’t contributing to our world doing what they do at the agencies, I just happen to enjoy this sort of work more so in my own selfish way I wish they spent more time on this sort of thing.