Buro Destruct

Posted by Jakub

Buro Destruct employees
Buro Destruct 1
Buro 3
Buro Destruct 3
Buro Destruct LL
Buro Destruct 1
Buro Destruct was one of the design bureau’s i found after finding Scott’s ISO50’s work that i really enjoyed. I was mostly drawn to the bearded guy icon and their poster’s they did for artists on Warp Records 5-10 years ago. I love their well thought out press photo though and books they’ve put out over the years.

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jasper F. Agterbosch says:

June 5, 2008 at 11:49 am

These people have a great design tutorial on Computer Arts (the website).
I’m too lazy searching for it, but it’s out there.
Something about making Beatlesque cover art .. or something near.

I’m not really following them hip designers magazines, but this one is actually kind of great at times.