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Posted by Scott


Thanks to everyone who made it out last night, I had an incredible time and the energy was great. I really appreciate you all sticking around until 2:30am on a sunday night, you’re probably hating me this morning though, wish I could buy you a coffee. It was great to be able to check out the other bands too, I’ve been meaning to see all of them live for a while now.

Shigeto turned in an amazing performance with his drums with some great backing visuals by Alex Headup, Adam Hunt, and Martin Thoburn. A Sunny Day in Glasgow came with some really dreamy stuff and they were a perfect counterpoint to the decidedly electronic vibe of the other acts on the bill. The highlight of the night for me was Casino Versus Japan’s set. He very rarely plays shows (I think the last one was like 6 years ago?) so it was a rare treat to say the least. I had the honor of doing visuals for him during his set which was really a great experience. I rarely get to just do visuals for other artists so it was nice to be able to focus on that side of things. As you might imagine, his set was super mellow and ambient. The energy ebbed and flowed perfectly and made for a very moving experience. Hopefully he starts playing more shows because I doubt you’ll see anything like that again any time soon.

All in all it was a great time, I hope to be back again soon. This was my last show for a while as I’ll be focusing on wrapping up the new album through the early part of the year but as soon as that’s ready I’ll be getting back out.

Photos by Kyle Moriwaki | Video of Casino Versus Japan by Raffi Asdourian

Le Grand Content

Posted by Alex

This is an old video but it’s amazing and I had to post it. I was blasting around the web looking at various inforgraphics and I came upon the fantastic indexed again. The video above, Le Grand Content, was inspired by the site, and is a similarly excellent collection of random and insightful anecdotes (this time in motion) about nothing in particular. Any time you have a graph with time on one axis and “the adventures you’ve taken” on the other, I am going to be intrigued. The voice over by Andre Tschinder is my favorite part — the delivery is oddly perfect (…”but speaking of forever, it’s obvious that this takes some time”.)

Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent Powerpoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential. Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand ‘association-chain-massacre’. which challenges itself to answer all questions of the universe and some more. Of course, it totally fails this assignment, but in its failure it still manages to produce some magical nuance and shades between the great topics death, cable tv, emotions and hamsters. by Clemens Kogler

NYC LPR Show Ticket Giveaway

Posted by ISO50

Update: Cesar & Moira won, thanks everyone for playing. See you tonight.

We’re giving away 2 tickets to tomorrow night’s show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. The first two people to answer the following question correctly will each get a free ticket:

Name the B-Side of Casino Versus Japan’s 2001 10″ release on Wobblyhead.

Enter your answer in the comments of this post along with your email in the address field (email is not publicly visible). Please enter only if you actually intend to come to the show.

Good luck, see you tomorrow night… (set time is 10:30)

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Casino Versus Japan, Tycho, Shigeto
Live @ Le Poisson Rouge – 158 Bleecker St. NYC

More Info / Buy Tickets

Mark E + Dabrye + Emperor X + J-Wow

Posted by Jakub

Fever Ray
If you follow the blog you’ll noticed a repeat talented culprit always bringing me to a daze, Mark E is the king of dizzying slow repetition, I can have his songs on repeat for hours maybe even days.

The NEW Adult Swim Compilation is now available for FREE to download, It includes remixes of ATL rap artists by Dabrye, Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, Michna, Mad Decent, Starkey, Memory Tapes, Salem, etc. If you need to get rowdy in an Escalade this weekend then here’s your soundtrack.

And now for something completely different, keeping the folk pop ball in the air while the end of the year draws closer is Emperor X, I like this song but I wouldn’t at all if it wasn’t lo-fi, definitely a nice wake up song if you get a chance to make it to a cabin this winter in the woods.

I feel like I shouldn’t post this song because overall I don’t really like it, its wanting to be clubby puts a bad taste in my mouth but the downtime with Fever Ray’s voice made it bearable, I hope you can wade thru the garbage and find the beautiful glimpses.

Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Cleaning Up (Mark E Remix)


Goodie Mob – Is That You God? (Dabrye remix)


Emperor X – A Violent Translation of the Concordia Headscarp


Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know (J-Wow Mix)


Albert Exergian: Minimalized TV

Posted by Scott


Update: Thanks Wilamagamid for pointing me over to Blanka, where you can purchase these prints.

Albert Exergian created this series of posters depicting popular television shows boiled down into their most simplified forms. He describes them as “A HUMOROUS VIEW ON TV CULTURE” but they don’t strike me as being particularly humorous. Intriguing is a better word, Exergian’s sense of efficiency is uncanny. This would make a great set of screen prints, if only he were selling them. I guess he might have some legal issues though. Although, he’s only really putting words on a page; does writing “Dexter” (my favorite poster by the way) constitute copyright infringement? I hope not. Anyways, if anyone knows where to get prints of these, please let me know.

More posters at Albert Exergian’s portfolio (scroll down)

Update: Found better images over at Blanka, but the following gripe still stands! Major tangent here: Sorry for the white lines around the edges, I got these directly from Exergian’s site and that’s how they came. This brings up a HUGE gripe I have with Photoshop: If you don’t flatten a file before you resize it, the edges tend to show through to the transparent background so when you save as JPEG, it ends up with these annoying white lines. I have no idea why this is so, but it is. I guess it’s time for another “Dear Adobe” post.

Color of the Year

Posted by Alex

Pantone has just announced that PANTONE® 15-5519 Turquoise is the Color of the Year for 2010. I gather that they are predicting its heavy saturation throughout the fashion and interior design worlds, but I’m not entirely sure what “color of the year” is supposed mean. Besides gut feelings and casual observations, I’m not sure how on earth a color of the year would be chosen. Perhaps there is some magical color metric that I am not aware of. Personally I think the color of the year is grey but that might be a little too depressing for Pantone. Last year was yellow after all…

An interesting aspect of this story that I’ve been struggling with is which version of PANTONE® 15-5519 to trust when you come across it reblogged on the web. I’ve seen some pretty divergent interpretations of the color that are clearly the result of some wacky color profile. Even the one I’ve saved above looks a little darker than Pantone’s website to me. Anyway, you get the point, turquoise is the color of the year. Now paint your walls and buy a new shirt.

Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.

More info here.

Tycho – Coastal Brake Out Now

Posted by Scott

The new Tycho 12″ EP, “Coastal Brake” is officially out in physical (12″ Vinyl+Digital) and Digital (MP3+WAV) formats. You can get it directly from The ISO50 Shop, iTunes, or your favorite online retailer. There are very few copies of the limited edition 12″ vinyl (which includes the digital edition MP3+WAV) left, those can be had here.

On a related note, after their Forkcast post last week, Pitckfork did a full review of the track this week. Check it out here.

For those of you who already ordered the vinyl, those began shipping yesterday (some orders going out from Merchline). You should have received a download code with instructions for getting the digital files as well. If you bought the vinyl at a show prior to the official release, email talk (AT) ISO50 with the UPC code from the back of the cover and we’ll send you a download coupon.