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Black To Comm - Alphabet 1968
Ulrich Schnauss has already become our generations Dream Pop captain, with his beautiful cover of Slowdive for Morr Music to this gem from his A Strangely Isolated Place LP, I hope we get something special in 2010 from him.

Black To Comm is what I thought Manitoba and Mum set out to become in my head as these musicians that would make PBS nostalgia soundtracks but it all worked out in the end.

Is it true that Arovane doesn’t make music and now dirt bike’s? i’d like this fuzzy memory confirmed, his album Tides is still one of the best listens to calm yourself or fall asleep to.

If you opened a window and let a sun come into a Stars Of The Lid song then you’d getting something very similar to what Rameses III is doing.

Ulrich Schnauss – Monday – Paracetamol – BUY


Black To Comm -Trapez – BUY


Arovane – Seaside – BUY


Rameses III – Cloud Kings – BUY


Schweizer Grafiker 1960

Posted by Scott


Insect54 has some great shots of Schweizer Grafiker / Graphistes Suisses, a B&W masterpiece of 1960’s Swiss design.

“Designed by Siegfried Odermatt this book features a spread on every member of the VSG (association of Swiss graphic artists). It features many of the great names in Swiss modernist design: Müller-Broockmann, Fridolin Müller, Nelly Rudin, Max Schmid, Siegfried Odermatt, Hans Neuburg, Richard Paul Lohse. It even lists their addresses.”

Via Insect54

Holiday Giveaway: CS4

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We’re coming up on the end of the year and it’s time for another Holiday Giveaway. We’ve upped the stakes this time around with two copies of Adobe CS4 Design Premium up for grabs along with lot’s of ISO50 goods. There are multiple chances to win and you can enter up to three times, see below for details.

First Prize:
· One copy of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Mac (US$1,799 Value)
· One ISO50 Studio Giclee print of Choice in 18″ wide format
· One ISO50 shirt of choice
· Tycho MP3 Collection
(awarded on 1/15/10)

Second Prize:
· One copy of Adobe CS4 Design Premium Mac (US$1,799 Value)
· One ISO50 shirt of choice
· Tycho Coastal Brake 12″
· Tycho MP3 Collection
(awarded on 1/4/10)

Third Prizes: (two will be awarded)
· One ISO50 Shirt of choice
· Tycho MP3 Collection
(awarded on 12/16/09)
To Enter
Comment on this post making sure to include your email in the “email” field (will not be published) and let us know what your favorite post of 2009 was. This counts for one entry.

Become a fan of the ISO50 Facebook page or follow ISO50 on Twitter. This will get you another entry. If you’re already a Facebook fan or Twitter follower you’re already set.

To get a third entry make any purchase at The ISO50 Shop between November 22nd, 2009 and January 14th, 2010. This will get you a third spot in the drawing increasing your chances of winning. If you already made a purchase on or after November 22nd, you’re already entered to win. And to sweeten the deal we’re having a 15% off sale at the shop right now.

Both copies of Adobe CS4 Design Premium are Mac format. Sorry, no substitutions.

Happy Holidays and good luck!

Hey Studio

Posted by Alex

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week (or weekend if you’re abroad)! I just got back from DC tonight after a nice long break and was greeted by this excellent work by Hey Studio. Their entire portfolio is filled with incredible work, but I was especially attracted to this piece for the Observatori del Treball. I love information graphics more than most things in the world and these illustrative forms reminded me of some really beautiful graphs I’ve seen in the past. Of course they aren’t providing any “info” here, but they look so good I don’t mind at all.

Check out the rest of their portfolio here. (The Playboy poster, third one down, made me smile…). Via Changethethought.