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Camper Hotel Barcelona

Posted by Scott

This is the sign out front at the Camper Hotel, Barcelona.  Camper is a Spanish company that makes great shoes and although I’m not sure what they’re doing in the hospitality industry, I’m all for it.  This place was amazing, very nice design throughout.  If you have a chance be sure to visit, it’s in the El Raval which is a very cool neighborhood with great design shops and one of the best book stores I’ve seen at the CCCB (where OFFF is held each year). Loved this sign, was a nice take on Americana via the venerable motel sign.

Nelson Swag-Leg Desk

Posted by Scott

George Nelson Swag-leg desk
George Nelson’s classic 1958 design.  Always loved this desk (walnut and white laminate gets me every time), so pricey though ($1745!).  As a designer it’s a tough decision when it comes to furniture.  Do you spend your money surrounding yourself with inspirational pieces of design like this, or do you spend it on equipment to make better design yourself?  I always lean heavily towards the latter, as evidenced by the glut of Ikea products that fill my house. 

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Image via the Treadway/Toomey Gallery

Busag Principle

Posted by Scott

Brusag Grundsatz -
"Busag Clichés" [1973]
By: Diggelmann & Mennel Werbeagentur (Zürich)

Black and white at their finest from The Poster Library via Joyrex.  I really like how this piece emphasizes extremes; dark / light, massive headline / miniscule copy.  As a poster designer you dream of being able to keep the detail copy this small.  Unfortunately, clients don’t always appreciate the finer points of minimalism. 

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Update: Title translation via Jessie Rumble: "Never think in Clichés"