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Posted by Jakub

So the BBC Radio seems to be the best known radio station in the world for exclusively having songs and being able to play them first and its no different in this case. Domino Recordings handed them a great remix of Animal Collective’s Summertime Clothes which included this Dam Funk remix that pretty much nails the remix if you love synths and funk at a uptempo pace, the remix has such a natural feel to it, it’s so unforced seems like it should be an original.

You may have already heard about the Animal Crack Box and how its only limited to 1000 pressed and how some someone already dropped 2,400USD+ on a copy on ebay. I have been listening to it, its pretty good, i’d maybe pay 40USD tops for a copy of the vinyls at most just for the collection aspect of it. This release just makes me think how much of a crackhead my parent’s thought I must of was collecting hockey cards and having to wake up on the weekends to drive me to the card shows so I could look at the 1000USD limited hockey cards that 45 year old men sold with their stained sweatpants and too small of New York Rangers matching sweatshirts and their bellies partially showing while I spent my allowance on mystery packets of a random collection on pieces of paper that i’d just organize and store later in the evening. I hope they didn’t think I was going to turn into one of those guys but i’m sure it crossed their mind more than once. ok. back to music.

Terrence Dixon, someone once called him the Aphex Twin of Detroit Techno, he is a minimalist not that minimal techno stuff but a true minimalist and a care taker of melody. If you sit and listen and hear what he repeats its pure gold, the magic really lies in the subtle panning of certain parts of the song and well placed additions that pop up perfectly, A must have in your collection if you like to just space out into your design work while the song is chopping away at the waves like your cruising in 1st place in a sailboat race.

So I just found about this Pink Floyd band, just kidding.

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Dâm-Funk Remix)


Animal Collective – Don’t Believe The Pilot


Terrence Dixon – Emergency


Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell


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Tardlovski says:

May 19, 2009 at 11:53 am

the more i listen to dam funk the more i appreciate the dude. i’m still in awe of chocolate…i should check my ‘most played’ list on my itunes, i’m sure that tune is gotta be in the top 5. he has a great attitude towards his music and craft as well, which makes it real easy to support him.


Dave says:

May 19, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Just so ya know, that copy of the Crack Box that was sold on Ebay for $2400 was a fraud. They re-listed it and it sold for $750. Now, some of the chaff of the human race are trying to sell their recently purchased Crack Boxes on Ebay for $500-$1100…more than the test pressing itself. Those people are the same ones that buy tickets to shows that are said to sell out quickly and then resell em on craigslist for 3x the price. It’s a sad thing when music becomes commerce and art transcends into some “quick money” scheme. Anywho…