Bewilderbeast goes (En)tropical


Bewilderbeast is a producer that has continually blown me away with every single one of his releases since I first heard his track ‘Water Below’ several years ago (that’s a timeless jam, for sure). The South London producer has really honed in on a distinct sound, that blends and experiments with elements of lo-fi house, funk, and chillwave. His brilliant 2013 album, ‘Unreal_Estate‘ was, however, not the only music we would be hearing from that period in his life, as we have now been graced with “a selection of experiments made at the same time as Unreal_Estate” in the form of (En)tropical EP. It’s everything one could expect from him, and more. Grab it for ‘name your own price’ over at his Bandcamp.

Post by: Elaby Mackenzie.
I am a music blogger/enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa.
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