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We finally get a peak in on the AIRA series from Roland. This less than 5 minute video from NAMM 2014 shows all these beautiful new toys (TR-8, VT-3, TB-3, System-1) playing well together. One thing I wish for 2014 is no more beat repeat or scatter or whatever you want to call it, i’m done hearing from laptop performers.

Roland AIRA

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J says:

February 14, 2014 at 11:31 am

I love watching people work like this. Apart from the music sounding like a Blade soundtrack, the visual design of the equipment was great and the process of the musician was interesting. I got to peer over Com Truise’s and Tycho’s shoulders at Bardot in Miami. Mesmerizing! Where and how does one even begin to choose equipment and learn to master them?

Thanks for the posts as always.