Avery + Marcellis + Traxman + Daneeka

Posted by Jakub


Daniel Avery is touching on some Gui Boratto & Superpitcher levels, in 2004 this would have sold 10k vinyl easily.

The hypnotic manner of where this Marcellis song goes, made me obsess over it right away. I might never spin a set without it.

Some sort of juked out motown from Traxman, its like what Bullion might have ended up doing if he just kept it simple and sample based.

I think I heard this song in a Falty DL set, maybe Shazam lied to me and its not right but once I looked up the result I found this Doc Daneeka cut. Might edit it down and cut out the vocal break, its not my thing personally.

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frankie says:

February 12, 2014 at 6:58 am

Love Traxman’s work but I can’t deal with those wack basslines and snares on this track. Would have been so much cleaner if it had been pared down a bit. On the bright side you reminded me of Bullion… Time to listen to the “Young Heartache” EP and fall in love again.