HNNY + Young Marco + Hopkins + Pharoah

Posted by Jakub


HNNY is an up and comer that has figured out the slow formula that is still entertaining for everyone in electronic music. Its not too lullaby-ish or annoyingly drawn out, every sequence has reason, perfect cool down track.

Recently heard this song on a Dukes Of Chutney mix for Beats In Space while driving with Beamer on the Big Basin winding roads, has stuck with ever since.

Jon Hopkins and Purity Ring collab for something thats nothing new but I can see any young festival goer really enjoy this one.

Pharoah’s rework a Tornado Wallace that has itching for more. The second half guitar needed to make more appearances, it was that good.

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Jakub says:

August 12, 2013 at 2:42 pm


Nah, i’m slightly older, anxious and a small venue fan myself, I don’t have the energy for the big fun crowd but the lucky youth does, they should be very grateful to have that freedom