Top Songs of 2011: Honorable Mentions

Posted by Jakub

Here’s the last bit of the end of the year playlists, I’m sure I missed some key players but getting all 60 tracks together felt great. I’d love to see your lists, feel free to post them in the comment section.

60. ADR – Jupiter Rising
59. Samiyam – Pressure
58. The Miracles Club – A New Love
57. Pure X – Twisted Mirror
56. Solar Bears – Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)
55. Silk Flowers – Columns
54. Le Révélateur – Bleu Nuit
53. Light Asylum – Dark Allies
52. Gold Zebra – Love, French, Better
51. Geotic – Beaming Husband

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JACH says:

December 22, 2011 at 1:11 am

Nicolas Jaar’s “Space is only noise that you can see” has become one of my favourite albums of the year. For sure some of his songs deserve being on the top of my list.


Sean says:

December 22, 2011 at 2:23 pm

With the additions of:

*Cub–Keep Shelly in Athens remix
*Beaming Husband–Geotic

I am now satisfied with the validity of this list ;) Shelly’s version of “Cub” is resounding and intense; in fact, I had expected to see Shelly’s remix of D.R.U.G.S. “love lust” on the list, too.

Geotic’s nostalgic melodies transport me to carefree summers I’ve lived in other lives. (Sorry, I couldn’t be any less epic in my description. I am a big fan.)

The blog has put out so many good things in the last week. Many thanks for the effort!


Aldous says:

December 22, 2011 at 6:51 pm

@Sean – Geotic’s material has been amazing.. getting to see him play with The One AM Radio and Dntel this past year was perfection

Gonna take up some room here… I played this mix a day or two ago. I hesitate to call it a ‘Best of’, but they were definitely my ‘Favorites of 2011’. A download should be available some time soon, but for now here’s the list:

Dntel – Anywhere Anyone (Pearson Sound Beatless Reduction) (Anywhere Anyone Remixes – Subpop)
Loscil – Fromme (Coast-Range-Arc – Glacial Movements Records)
Boom Bip – Tumtum (Zig Zaj – Lex Records)
Nicolas Jaar – Balance Her In Between Your Eyes (Space Is Only Noise – Circus Company)
The Boats – Ommissions For You To Fill In (The Ballad Of The Eagle – Our Small Ideas)
Gold Panda – Marriage (Forest Swords 1AM Hotel Room Redraw) (Marriage EP – Notown/Ghostly International)
Sonmi451 – Omicron Ceti (Star Atlas – Time Released Sound)
Tycho – Melanine (Dive – Ghostly International)
Radiohead – Little By Little (Shed remix) (TKOL 1234567 – Ticker Tape Ltd.)
Seekae – Mingus (+Dome – Rice Is Nice Records/Popfrenzy Records)
Bibio – Artists Valley (Mind Bokeh – Warp)
Lemongrass – Harmony (Sirius – Lemongrassmusic)
Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Moritz von Oswald’s The One remix) (XI Versions Of Black Noise – Rough Trade)
Tycho – Coastal Brake (Dive – Ghostly International)
The Boats – Great Intentions (The Ballad Of The Eagle – Our Small Ideas)
Apparat – Candil de la Calle (The Devil’s Walk – Mute)
M83 – Midnight City (Trentemøller remix) (Midnight City Remixes – Naïve)
Bop – Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom (The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel – Med School)
Arms And Sleepers – Tusk (The Organ Hearts – Expect Candy)
Boom Bip – New Order (Zig Zaj – Lex)
Radiohead – Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene remix) (TKOL 1234567 – Ticker Tape Ltd.)
Kangding Ray – Leavalia Scheme (OR – Raster-Noton)
The Boats – Dusty Rooms (The Ballad Of The Eagle – Our Small Ideas)
Nicolas Jaar – Keep Me There (Space Is Only Noise – Circus Company)
Antonionian – Into The Night (Antonionian – Anticon)
Nicolas Jaar – Colomb (Space Is Only Noise – Circus Company)
Dntel – Boadicea (Enya Remixes – Self-released)


Ryan says:

December 23, 2011 at 4:46 pm

Here’s my top 15 of 2011 in no particular order:

Neon Indian – Polish Girl
Apparat – Goodbye (With Soap & Skin)
Little Dragon – Little Man (Tycho Remix)
Ambulaunz – Concordia
Phantogram – Make a Fist
John Tejada – Farther and Fainter
Legowelt – The Night Wind
Sun Glitters – The Wind Caresses Her Hair
White Ring – Hands 2 Hold U Down
Tycho – Dive
Braille – Riverbed
Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp
Warm Ghost – G.T.W.S
Seekae – Mingus
Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou RMX)


Jeff N says:

December 29, 2011 at 11:35 am

One non-musician’s opinion but as good as “pressure” is, “escape” is the one that rings the bell for me – did you check that one out??