TOP Songs of 2010 – Honorable Mentions

Posted by Jakub

I wasn’t able to stop at 50 songs for 2010, these were definitely worth mentioning and all sat in the Top 50 list during the shuffling, not only are all of them great musicians but these as a playlist felt great to share.

60. Spirituals – Manzanita
59. Laurel Halo – Embassy
58. Viernes – Entire Empire
57. Nacho Lovers – Deeper (CFCF Remix)
56. Winter Hinterland – No Logic
55. John Roberts – Navy Blue
54. Seams – Hung Market
53. Best Coast – Boyfriend
52. Nice Nice – A Way We Glow
51. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

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RcG says:

December 29, 2010 at 8:11 am

Excellent list, I have enjoyed nearly every song. Thank you for embedding the player as well, very nice touch.

You may also like Basique and Moon, both by The Little People. Also, Luna 2 by Weathertunes and Nov 30 by Readymade. Oh, and although these guys are a bit young and abrasive, the songs Swim and Floating Vibes by Surfer Blood have an interesting sort of retro quality. And, then there is Wide Eyes by The Local Natives.



Ariel says:

December 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

I’m assuming this year’s Drums album wasn’t as impressing as last year’s for you guys. They went from number 1 to going off the list completely. Not even an honorable mention.