Street Joy

Posted by Scott

Been kind of obsessing over this video for White Denim’s Street Joy. Not sure how I missed this but apparently it’s been out for six months. Director Carlos LaRotta’s (Birds on Fire) treatment includes a healthy dose of Tim & Eric / Doug Lussenhop VHS style. It’s always nice to see a band not take themselves too seriously, even in the case of such a somber and reflective song. but in spite of the humor there seems to be a fittingly nostalgic undercurrent at work here that ties the whole thing together. Really beautiful stuff.

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Matthias says:

December 1, 2011 at 12:56 am

I love this band. I’ve seen them a few shows of theirs and I can definitely say they’re the best live band I’ve seen. Genuine musicians that play hard and play because they enjoy it. Real nice guys too.