Prague Street Posters

Posted by Scott

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Design is alive and well in Prague. There seems to be a very strong street poster scene there and unlike in San Francisco, the posters are actually well designed. I am not sure if this is a function of the fact that most designers in California are busy at agencies doing web design or that Prague just happens to produce great print designers. Whatever the case may be, it was great to be able to walk around and observe my favorite design medium in it’s natural habitat: pasted up on walls and poles, wet, decaying, torn, and looking magnificent. The great part is that no one seems to be taking down older posters so in some places the posters were stacked almost two inches thick. Some of the front layers would be torn away exposing layer after layer of old posters beneath, amazing stuff. 

After going though all the shots from Prague I realized how many I had to posters so I decided to split the post off into two parts. I will be posting the other shots from Prague tomorrow.

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Luke says:

February 5, 2008 at 9:40 pm

i was in prague over christmas, and i was pretty intrigued by the layers of posters as well. like you said, two inches thick in some places.
prague is an incredible city, that’s for sure.
i’m a huge fan of your work, by the way, both music and design. i hope to someday have a similar “dual career.”
is this guy your brother? haha. some of his stuff looks like yours only years younger. if you follow me. i’m sticking with iso50 for now, though.


Jamie says:

February 6, 2008 at 5:32 am

Hey Scott these pics are fantastic. I live in Prague (UK native) and having been here so long i don’t always keep an eye out for artwork like this. I love the layered tatters. I was wondering if you got a chance to visit the john Lennon wall? Its a pretty historical wall in Mala Strana (if you walk over Charles bridge from the old town square and astronomical clock). Its basically a tribute to John Lennon and contains loads of cool art work including a huge portrait of the man in question. Its been the site of a long running “battle” between hippies and police. It is constantly covered over and repainted but its definitely worth a look and a picture. Apparently there is still a group that gathers there every year to sing Beatles songs!



Elen Prague says:

February 8, 2008 at 6:30 am


It doesn’t happen very often, that I would find a webpage which colours would speak to me directly, leaving an impression of harmony. Thank You!

I came to see the pictures of Prague posters, and yes, they are of high quality. I found out you got some talent! So I decided I’ll buy some of your designed stuff, finally deciding for grabbing two of the t-shirts (the designs evoke freedom! ah yea! Freedom!) so I hope I won’t wait in for it in Prague forever!

I just wonder now, whether I just sent my 57$ to the USA, never to see it again, or if the package is going to make it to Prague. I’ll post you the results.

Keep the good job! Elen