Deepchord+S. Shores+M. Bubbles+Gouache

Posted by Jakub

Deepchord has been my obsession since 2002, I remember grabbing up the earlier EPs at Record Time(RIP) in Detroit. This new LP Hash-Bar Loops is full of darkness or people might find the material too muddy for their taste if your new to them but if you let the track Balm ride out I have a feeling you’ll find complete content from the sound.

Cascine has been the go to for music that sounds like new R+B floating up into the sky, makes those Pure Moods compilations sound like someone took a dump on the beach then scooped it up and smashed it into a jewel case and packaged it for moms at Kmart, thanks for being there Cascine or we’d be stuck with the wrong emotional music.

Mike Bubbles is for everyone that wishes that Sonic The Hedgehog and Toejam & Earl music was still being made in 2011 for video games, which is me **gets in line to buy Mike Bubbles**.

Gouache follows the footsteps of Moths who has followed the footsteps of Pogo who has followed the footsteps of Gold Panda who has followed the footsteps of The Field who all have been making stuttering lovely loops over a 4/4 beat sound great and also have brought a lot of new electronic music listeners so here’s a virtual handshake and congrats, you guys do good things.

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NAVIS says:

July 5, 2011 at 9:07 pm

And one more note… the lsat song… all I can hear is Peter Gabriel’s – In Your Eyes. #foreverstuck


Trillian M says:

July 6, 2011 at 2:10 am

Deepchord = Yeah! Dreaming away…
Got nothing with Gouache. Terrible sample stutter. Makes me very nervous. That’s done a lot better and original.(@Navis Yep,def Peter Gabriel)
And I love that Mike Bubble song!