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Ducktails - Landscapes 12"
Lo-fi rock is coming strong recently, how long will it hold its place as the spotlight in the young hearts of vinyl loving rockers? well with acts like these i’m hoping forever. My true and very fresh caring for music like this is definitely Ducktails, met him twice this weekend and he was such a nice guy he reminded me of people in the U.P. in Michigan like the U.S. backwoods version of UK’s Bibio but maybe spends alil more time in the garage playing with pedals. I didn’t get to see him perform as Ducktails but he does a good amount of the music in Real Estate who I saw perform at Insound’s 10 yr. anniversary at Brooklyn Bowl with The Drums. Landrunner is very loopy just the way I like it, so honest and uncorrupted by much that is going on right now in indie rock.

Beach Fossils Daydream gets me thinking about how much simpler live could be, the gentle hooky guitar work meets guys that seem to have have it easy. I picture it being made by guys that don’t have many problems and their youth summers we’re or still are filled with trips to cabins, a ton a waterskiing or tubing, and just relaxing in the tall grass by some sand dunes. It’s a nice visual to have when you live on a cement island, makes me want to plan vacations better.

Tallahassee’s Holiday Shores comes to me by Brooklyn’s Twosyllable Records, the label that also put out New Villager’s 7 inch vinyl earlier this year that I love. Holiday Shores has a bit more pep in its step compared to the other songs but still in same vein, alot of catchy vocals and the drumming in a few of their songs accompanied by keys has some real unique parts that make me keep coming back and listening.

Tom Croose our semi resident DJ here on the ISO50 blog turned me onto Real Estate, he told me he loved the “guitar noodling” and the lyrics “Budweiser Sprite, Do you feel alright?”, to me its laid back feel makes me want to bust out the Yo La Tengo’s Summer Sun LP but i’m too busy chillin’ in my kids pool filled with hose water that is being warmed by the sun and I have grass blades stuck all over me that i’m trying to pick off, so lets just keep the Real Estate CD in.

Ducktails – Landrunner


Beach Fossils – Daydream


Holiday Shores – Edge Of Our Lives


Real Estate – Suburban Beverage


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espy says:

August 31, 2009 at 3:16 am

The Holiday Shores’ previous band, Continental Divide, is even more amazing, see the last track on the Holiday Shores’ myspace, “Golden Throat”. Amazing song, especially the end part. And if you order the Holiday Sounds Album at Insound, you get a download of the Continental Divide EP for free!


rburch says:

September 1, 2009 at 3:00 am

Great design work and a great place to find music. After listening to Holiday Shores in your post I bought the album on Amazon. They have a great sound that’s new and experimental but at the same time time feels linda 70’s to me.


Tamara 3@1 says:

April 14, 2010 at 11:16 pm

My notebook is being recalcitrant this morning, and refuses to give me any sound. I am bookmarking this page and will be back for a listen as soon as I’ve figured this little mystery out.

I haven’t heard of Ducktails before, but being the lover of the rock genre that I am, I am dying to hear his music. This blog is really growing my musical experience hugely. What the internet is doing for music is much bigger than the radio ever was. There is just so much quality stuff out there.

Keep up the good work fella’s, this girl loves it!