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I have never passed up a Xeno & Oaklander show, their presence on stage might be too cold and minimalistic for some(which kind of makes me glad) but the care and dedication to a specific sound puts them into a breed of their own.

André Obin drove up from Boston to play in Manhattan a few nights back so I went with my sister. His live set sits in this spot where you feel like he could take the place of Underworld or Justus Köhncke as a huge EU festival act but all the lights and fireworks are stripped away and he’s just there with his gear and you feel like your at this personal show in his room, really nice full arpeggios, intimate breakdowns and far from trendy.

Adult Swim has done it again and put together a quality compilation, this time by releasing a track at a time of popular acts like Best Coast, How To Dress Well, etc to kick it off. Fader today leaked the Active Child song which i’ve been waiting for, the video is below.

So I read on Altered Zone today about Jürgen Müller which is a musician that only pressed a few copies of his album about 30+ years ago and handed them out to friends during a time that he was on the seas working. Funny enough this music is dreamy and people are really into it right now and more importantly I hope we find more music like this.

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