NEU! – Neuschnee (1973)

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My first interest into Krautrock beyond Kraftwerk. I found NEU! ’75 (1975, duh) when I was 17 and have yet to stop listening to it eight years later.

NEU! was the brainchild of Kraftwerk’s Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother. Anything Rother touches, I like; which you will see in future posts.

This track is off of NEU! 2 (1973) and is a fine example of Rother’s melting guitar melodies, and (along with almost every other NEU! song) displays Dinger’s self-invented Motorik beat.

NEU! – Neuschnee (1973)


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Daniel Carvalho says:

August 25, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Haha! Ah paint, brilliant.

The risk of letting other people post blogs (no offense beamer), you need like a style guide or something.

Music does sound like something from an old school game though.


Scott says:

August 26, 2008 at 11:43 am

ha, not what I meant at all. was supposed to be a joke. yeah, by today’s standards this album cover is not exactly the best thing in the world but you have to think about the context of when it was released and what the artists were trying to say with it. sure, this blog is primarily about visual work, but we also post music and Neu was a great pioneering band, I would put their music up here regardless of the quality of the cover.